Parisa Saadati – Tutor in Business and IT


For anyone who sees their future career in ICT or business, the Level 3 BTEC certificate is an excellent starting point. It is an introductory step on the academic pathway to other levels and covers a wide range of topics for those who have a specific career pathway in both areas. Even if you are not sure which specialism to follow, this short course can help you to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

This course is giving learners plenty of opportunities to implement the theory they have learnt into practice. It includes group work, presentations and main course-work, which means learners have a clear understanding of their progress helping them to plan the next steps.

Delivery of the course is only 10 weeks excluding the induction and revision weeks. Taught by subject specialists we have blended a mix of theoretical and practical topics in a well-resourced environment. Covering the main core topics of each subject will allow learners to identify areas of interest and your future specialism.

The majority of our previous students’ progress to upper levels and university degrees. For those not wishing to progress to university level, alternatives such as employment or apprenticeships are open and the college is willing to support them.

The employment opportunities for both subjects are varied, from administrative jobs to business/systems analysts, IT technicians and sales/marketing assistants.

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Parisa Saadati – Tutor in Business and IT

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