12 Reasons Why You Should Study a Professional Qualification at LSST

Have you ever thought about studying towards a professional qualification? Perhaps not. For some of you, working on your BTEC National, HNC or HND at LSST is more than enough.

However, studying one of our new professional programmes alongside your regular course of study can bring a wealth of benefits. On Wednesday 24th February, LSST officially launched its Professional Qualifications programme, which includes the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Leadership and Management courses. So if you’re thinking ‘why would I need professional training if I already have a HND qualification?’ here’s a few reasons.

  1. Specialist professional training provides a better focus on the theory and practice of the industry you want to work in, while a broader course will be limited in doing so.

  2. Taking a professional course shows a commitment to developing your skills and to the industry – attributes welcomed by employers.

  3. You will have the potential to earn more in your role simply by having specialist knowledge.

  4. If you’re qualification leads you to membership with the governing bodies within your market, you will be entitled to industry-specific news and events, promotions, conferences and more.

  5. In today’s recruitment climate one job attracts hundreds of applicants – you will stand out with the possession of a professional qualification!

  6. Employers love candidates who can improve business – further qualifications may enable you for promotion.

  7. In terms of personal development and independent learning, you will identify your strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations.

  8. If you opt to do your training within a classroom environment, you will get to meet like minded individuals and feed off each other’s ideas.

  9. LSST offers the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) accredited Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for only £950 – the lowest price in London!

  10. The programmes are a part of our Saturday School initiative, meaning you can work around your regular LSST timetable.

  11. The training programmes provide the opportunity to gain in-demand industry skills at a low cost (compared to other course providers).

  12. Employers will associate your degree with competence – so they’ll know you can get the job done.

Have we convinced you? Sign up to one of our professional courses now.

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