Work Placements

Work Placements

The London School of Science and Technology is committed to supporting placements in order to enhance the vocational relevance of our awards and the learning experience of our students.


  • Provide welfare and pastoral care
  • Help foster a sense of community amongst students
  • Give information on attendance, results, student status, semester dates, etc.
  • Advise on student funding applications
  • Support students who have a disability, disabling medical condition or specific learning difficulty
  • Provide guidance if you are having financial difficulties
  • Direct you to the correct resources if you are having problems with childcare
  • Assist with enquiries about course changes or other academic issues such as assignments, exams, appeals and complaints
  • Provide support if you are suffering from depression, experiencing stress/anxiety or are having personal or family problems
  • Help if you are experiencing any bullying or any other abuse
  • Listen and act on any complaints against the College or its staff
  • We make our students’ academic journey a safe, welcoming and enjoyable experience.

We are located in the Work Placement Office next to the main college reception.

You can contact us on 0208 795 3863 extension 005 or

by e-mail

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