Article Date | 10 October, 2017

This year has seen positive growth within major cities and industries all over the UK, resulting in an ever-increasing, strong job market, with London at the forefront.

As the demand for skilled work becomes greater, companies and organisations everywhere are advancing wide and varied career paths paired with employment, to diligent job seekers looking to surpass their professional pursuits.

My colleague (John White) and I attended the Autumn London Job Show in London last week in our capacity of Placement, Careers and Employability Officers. This year The Job Show accommodated many exhibitors and had significantly increased in size since the last Job Show which was attended by the Work Placement Unit staff in the spring of 2017.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with a variety of employers and organisations as well as to exchange information and make valuable contacts. The Job Show included a plethora of employers and organisations from universities and colleges, training organisations and a large number of employers ranging from the Armed Forces, to Hospitality, Security, IT, Travel, Care, Councils, Catering, Hospitals, as well as The American Embassy.

We exchanged information and details with many of the exhibitors and have followed up with some of the contacts already, as well as replying to the companies that have expressed an interest in LSST, with the intention of making connections with them all at some stage. The contacts made could prove to be extremely valuable in finding Work Placements for IT and Business courses, and the information collected from employers will be invaluable for our Career and Employability roles.

Of equal importance, we made contacts with who we hope will be able to come and give talks to LSST students on the business course on setting up and financing SME’s, as well as various employers and organisations to give motivational talks to students, including potential speakers on the relevant subjects that are suitable for students on our Public Health and Social Care, Hospitality and IT courses.

It also gave us the opportunity, when speaking to exhibitors, to promote both LSST as potential educational locations for their employees. We renewed our excellent working relationships with the Job Show organisers and they reiterated their interest in having LSST as one of their exhibitors at their future events, the next two of which will be in London in the Spring of 2018, at Westfield W12 and Westfield, Stratford E20.

Ravina Kakaiya – Work Placement and Careers Coordinator