Foundation Degree in Public Health and Social Care

Course overview

This Foundation Degree Public Health and Social Care is a two-year programme designed to take account of the current and envisaged changes in the UK healthcare sector. The ageing population, advances in healthcare technology, rising care costs and concerns about the quality of healthcare provision, present a need for programmes that offer a mix of academic and vocational skills. The programme is for those who are either working in or intending to work in the health or social care sectors or those graduating from a wide range of health and social care level 3 programmes.

Qualifying with the Foundation Degree will take you to the undergraduate degree final year/Top-Up degree which we also offer here in LSST. Foundation degrees are designed for people working in, or aspiring to work in, the health, social care and independent care sectors. They are designed to provide learners with a high level of understanding of care or early years care with health and social care settings. The programmes are relevant for learners in all sectors of the industry including the public sector.

The course will consist of class-based activities and will provide the opportunity to apply learning within the industry from the start. Most of the assessments ask students to relate what they are learning to the industry. The main methods include lectures, workshops, academic tutorials, guest lectures, visits, role plays, on-line learning and blended learning. Effective and on-going support is provided using structured, targeted individual tutorials and on-line tutorials.

A distinguishing feature of this Foundation Degree is the work-based learning. This programme is designed to integrate theoretical learning and work-based learning through close collaboration between students and employers.

The college will make relevant learning resources available to students for reference. This includes all recommended textbooks, academic journals, trade journals, magazines and online lecture materials. In addition, the campus has WiFi facilities allowing students to access the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is equipped with the e-library, and online learning resources.



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Key Information:

Course duration: 2 Years
Study Location: Wembley Central campus

Course Level: 5
Award: Fda Public Health and Social Care
Awarding Body: London Metropolitan University

Modules Studied

First Year

  • Understanding Public Health and Social Care
  • Communicating with different client groups
  • Social contexts for professional practice
  • Placement learning 1

Second Year

  • Promoting Public Health and Wellbeing
  • Ethics and research in professional contexts
  • Public Health, Illness and Society
  • Placement learning 2

Starting Dates:

"Subject to final approval"

Tuition Fees:


The programme covers all key aspects including public health, health promotion, policy and ethical aspects of care. A clear focus of this programme is to develop students’ ability to use academic evidence and professional process to inform their decisions and to be able to understand the critical issues in health and social care and ways of dealing with them. Successful students can progress to the top up honours degree in Health and Social Care.

Our Fda Public Health and Social Care is designed to help you develop the confidence, knowledge and skills required for a professional career in the health and social care sector. The programme is aligned to the standards specified by Skills for Health (the Skills Council for the NHS) and on completion of the course you’ll be able to demonstrate to prospective employers that your advanced skills conform to the National Occupational Standards (NOS).

This programme is aligned to Skills for Health, allowing you to link your learning directly to employment opportunities in the sector.

Successful completion of this course offers improved career opportunities in the sector, which may be within the NHS, voluntary or independent sectors. You'll be able to progress into a variety of roles, including:

  • compliance management
  • local authority care management
  • policy development
  • quality assurance

Why choose this course

This Foundation Degree in Public Health and Social Care has been designed to address the changing health and social care needs and provision in the UK. The context for the developing the programme reflects the twin needs for more social care as the population ages and tackling current public health threats such as obesity and long-term conditions.

Learners will have the opportunity to develop a core set of knowledge, skills and values required to deliver public health and social care and enhance their personal development. The course provides a comprehensive, comparative approach to health and social care. It is delivered in an interactive way, helping students to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills required for their future career in the health and social care sector.