LSST Reallocates Funding To Improve Student Satisfaction

In an effort to improve the overall student experience at the London School of Science & Technology, we have made some adjustments that will see the School refocus its plans on student satisfaction.

The move comes after a decision was made to discontinue the recruitment of international students who require a visa to study.

Our international student intake has been an essential element to the continued growth of LSST. However, given the ever increasing regulation of colleges with Tier 4 licensing, we have decided that we will no longer recruit any international students that require sponsorship by our college.

Instead, we will reallocate the resources that we had devoted in this area to other parts of our college in order to ensure an even better academic journey for our students and to further enhance their experience with LSST.

Consequently, LSST, with immediate effect, will now only be recruiting home-based or EU students and/or individuals that do not require a student visa.

The extra finances will allow us to continue ploughing our energies into resources that will benefit the development of our current and future UK and EU students.

The changes reflect an on-going revamp of the School that will see a smoother and enjoyable learning experience for our students across all of our campuses.

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