Success Story: Hamza Ibrahim

By Ali Jafar | Article Date: 20 May 2016

Hamza Ibrahim Students’ Union Coordinator

The London School of Science & Technology (LSST) has built its success on the following values: 20160326_135218
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
These values are best reflected in LSST’s Students’ Union Coordinator Hamza Ibrahim; who achieved 16 distinctions on the HND in Business Management course. Having quit education several years ago after a family loss, Hamza had one goal in mind once he started his journey with LSST – to achieve 16 distinctions and nothing less. “LSST was a choice recommended to me by my family,” said Hamza. “Back in my homeland, I had lost my father, lost all direction in life and found myself in a situation where I quit my studies. When I decided to return to education, I found that I had no options. So rather than waste time searching for something I could not find back in my homeland, I came over to England and started my HND at LSST to achieve something.” Hamza credits his success with the support he received from College staff; particularly Mohammed Haider and Mehul Halari from the Academic Support Centre who “gave a lot of guidance”. He explains that these tutors helped him to understand questions and improve his academic and creative writing skills. He also refers to a study technique passed on to him by his brother. Hamza said: “My older brother was also a great resource of help, back when I was doing my GCSEs. He taught me how to divide my time so that I can manage my workload and complete assignments to a deadline. That technique has been my biggest help.” In terms of the HND programme itself, Hamza highlights how it has been beneficial in improving specific skills. “The course has given me the ability to communicate within a professional capacity, and to handle and avoid conflict – that was a part of our Organisation and Behaviour module. LSST has also given me the confidence to speak publicly, address large audiences and clearly express my point of view.” Along with academic success, Hamza has also found himself in a role representing LSST’ s student population – over 1,600 students from all different walks of life. The diversity of the College’s students is one aspect that Hamza has embraced; claiming that learning about different cultures is one of the best things about studying here. And one of the most important lessons he’s learnt at LSST? “Never judge people by their titles, never judge people by their backgrounds, and never judge people by their cultures.”

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