Personal Academic Tutoring

At LSST we are committed to enabling all of our students to achieve successful study outcomes. We offer a range of effective and co-ordinated extra-curricular activities to develop the essential study and professional skills that underpin success, whilst supporting students in managing their study/life balance and overcoming any barriers to learning which they may be experiencing.

Personal Academic Tutoring

Personal Academic Tutoring is a fundamental part of our tailored-approach to learning delivery.

We seek to engage students as partners in the experience and development of their learning; Personal Academic Tutors are at the forefront of this partnership and will act as your first point of contact, ensuring that you can take advantage of all that LSST has to offer.

At the beginning of your studies you will be allocated a Personal Tutor, who will guide you in your academic development and assist you in accessing LSST’s various support services, study skills training, and professional development activities.

Your Personal Academic Tutor can also assist you in:

    • ◦ Directing your personal study and research activities
    • ◦ Referring you to Student Support for special needs (such as a specific learning difficulty, a disability or on-going health issues)
    • ◦ Keeping a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to guide you in identifying key knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in your course and future career
    • ◦ Familiarising you with the School’s various support staff and where to find them
    • ◦ Managing attendance concerns or arranging authorised absence form classes
    • ◦ Submitting mitigating circumstances and signpost you to students support
    • ◦ Discussing concerns, complaints and appeals
    • ◦ General advice and information about your course

Independent Learning and Personal Development Planning

Your Personal Academic Tutor will work with you to jointly develop and continually update your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and set personalised learning objectives to help you to stay on top of your studies.

Your PDP will give you greater control over your learning and development, ensuring you have the guidance and the support from the School to achieve and succeed.

If you want to confirm who your PAT is or need help from your PAT, please contact your Campus Student Support Service.

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