Student Ambassadors

We would like to invite you to apply to become a Student Ambassador, making you a key representative of the college and of our local community.

Joining as a Student Ambassador makes you an important part of our Marketing team to promote the college both internally and externally. Your role will include guiding new and potential students in Campus Tours, Open Days, Taster Sessions, and Induction Days. Off-campus activities will also include trips to external schools and colleges, UCAS fairs, and delivering presentations for aspiring students.

What makes a good Ambassador?

You will be the role model for all existing and prospective students so we are looking for a range of students with excellent communication skills, the ability to adapt to varying audiences around the community, and those with a friendly and approachable persona.

This title holds great responsibility and you will have training, support, and guidance from staff to help and support you through every step. Not only will this be considered as paid part-time employment, but it enables you to enhance your CV with new techniques such as leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, and provide you with a reference for future employment.

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

    • Paid role with a competitive hourly wage
    • Opportunity to gain valuable work experience and develop transferable skills
    • Chance to network with LSST staff, prospective and current students, and professionals in related fields
    • Access to exclusive training and development opportunities
    • Reference for future employment
    • Enhance your CV
    • Flexible working hours


    • Must be a currently enrolled student at LSST
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Strong organizational and time management skills
    • Ability to work well in a team environment
    • Positive and enthusiastic attitude
    • Previous experience in customer service or marketing preferred, but not required

Responsibilities :

    • Promote LSST at recruitment events, including open days, fairs, and presentations
    • Assist with lead conversion by contacting and providing information to prospective students and families
    • Act as a positive and enthusiastic representative of LSST at all times
    • Conduct campus tours for prospective students and visitors
    • Support the admissions team with administrative tasks, including data entry and file management
    • Assist the marketing team with content creation and social media management
    • Attend regular training sessions and meetings to stay up-to-date with LSST news and events
    • Collaborate with other student ambassadors and staff members to achieve team goals


To apply to become a student ambassador, please click here.

Applications are now OPEN.