Disability Services

Declaring a Disability for Enhanced Support

At LSST, we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all students, including those with learning difficulties, health problems (including mental health conditions), and disabilities. Please let us know when you apply to LSST or as soon as possible of any disabilities you think you might have. This information ensures that we can quickly start the process of putting actions in place so that we can make reasonable adjustments to accommodating your specific needs. This is important because if you do not declare we cannot properly support your learning journey.

Notifying LSST About Your Disability

Once you tell us you have a disability, our local student support team will reach out to you to arrange an interview. The interview is an opportunity for you to talk about your specific requirements and the support you may need throughout your learning journey.

Any support we can offer or recommend is called a ‘reasonable adjustment’. This adjustment will depend on what is considered ‘reasonable’ or realistic based on the in-house availability of LSST resources and ability.

While we strive to accommodate various disabilities, it is important to understand that LSST may not be able to realistically support some of disabilities listed below*. Should this be the case we will give you advice on alternative options and the next steps to ensure you receive the help you need. Please note that any help offered is dependent on the student having applied for and been approved to receive Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs)

Examples of Types of Disabilities that We May be Able to Support

Please tell as soon as possible if you have:

✔ specific learning difficulty, for example dyslexia or ADHD

✔ mental health condition, for example anxiety or depression

✔ physical disability, for example if you have to use crutches, a wheelchair or a special keyboard

✔ sensory disability, for example if you’re visually impaired, deaf or have a hearing impairment*

✔ long-term health condition, for example cancer, chronic heart disease or HIV

How Can We Assist You

Our commitment to your success includes a range of support services:

✔ Give you information and guide you to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAS)

✔ Reasonable Adjustments: undertake realistic adjustments to support you with your learning.

✔ Provide guidance and support on managing student life and your health and wellbeing.

✔ Signpost you to services: Connect you with various LSST services and support you in accessing external support if needed

✔ We can communicate with your lecturers and other departments on your behalf.

✔ Check in with you on a regular basis to support you Mental Health and Wellbeing and ensure you are able to access your full DSA entitlement.

✔ Arrange an independent educational assessment if you suspect you might have a specific learning difference (a fee may apply).

Accessing Disability services

Access our Disability Services, you can visit our Head of Student Support Centre or Email

Wembley Central: wembleystudentsupport@lsst.ac

Elephant and Castle: ecstudentsupport@lsst.ac

Luton: lutonstudentsupport@lsst.ac

Aston Birmingham: astonsupport@lsst.ac

Digbeth Birmingham: digbethsupport@lsst.ac

If you prefer a private discussion, please arrange an appointment by sending an email to studentwellbeing@lsst.ac or call 020 8795 3863 ext.419