Student Support

Student Support Services

Helping you to achieve your potential

The Student Support Services at the London School of Science & Technology emboldens our students in their future progression by offering advice and guidance in any area in which they may be having problems or where they need support.

We are here to offer friendly constructive information, advice and guidance to help you enjoy learning, stay on course and reach your potential during your time at college and in the future.

Our students are treated with respect, dignity, fairness and equality, irrespective of race, creed, disability, health matters, personal issues, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Student Support Main Functions

  • Give information on attendance, results, student status, semester dates, etc.
  • Support students who have a disability, disabling medical condition or specific learning difficulty
  • Provide guidance if you are having financial difficulties
  • Direct you to the correct resources if you are having problems with childcare
  • Assist with enquiries about course changes or other academic issues such as assignments, exams, appeals and complaints
  • Provide support if you are suffering from depression, experiencing stress/anxiety or are having personal or family problems
  • Support pregnant students and students with very young children
  • Help if you are experiencing any bullying or any other abuse
  • Listen and act on any complaints against the College or its staff
  • We make our students’ academic journey a safe, welcoming and enjoyable experience.

Support, Information, Advice and General Guidance

  • Timetables
  • Student status
  • Attendance
  • Results
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Fitness to study
  • Pregnant students support
  • Semester dates
  • Letter request
  • Referral to Academic Support Centre
  • Workshops available
  • Resits dates
  • Complaints
  • One-to-one private sessions
  • Support with Withdrawals
  • Support with Course deferral
  • Academic regulations

Health and wellbeing

  • 1. Pastoral Care
Our Pastoral Care Officers are available on request and will try to help you deal with problems that are having a negative effect on your life in general. We can help you to:
  • • Identify and overcome barriers to your potential
  • • Make informed choices in your personal and social life
  • • Contact local services that can support you

  • 2. Support pregnant students and student with very young children
Starting this September the College has a new Policy on Supporting Pregnant Students and Students with very young children. Any pregnant student is required to inform the College about their pregnancy at least 15 weeks before due date. Student support will advise them on how they can deal with the pregnancy and College but also advise on what help they can get to keep on track in a way that they do not quit school and do not create a negative impact on colleagues, if for example they have a group work/presentation. Once the student has disclosed their pregnancy, the Student Support Officer and the Programme Leader will meet with the student to discuss how the pregnancy is likely to impact on their study. A written Student Support and Pregnancy Plan should be drawn up by the Student Support Officer, Programme Leader and the student, detailing any special arrangements required during the student’s pregnancy and the agreed timescale for their return to study.

The Student Support in Pregnancy Plan includes:

  • • Contact details
  • • A risk assessment
  • • Managing Attendance
  • • Assessments
  • • Students on placements
  • • Maternity leave
  • • Returning to study date
  • • Informing other staff and students
3. Mental Health Support We offer confidential support and advice, when necessary we will refer to external agencies.  

Our Team

London Campus

Head of Student Support Services

Mr. Naseer Ahmed
020 8795 3863 ext.526

Student Support Officer (SENCO)

Mr. Robert Pitchers
020 8795 3863 ext.536

Student Finance Officer

Mr. Rashid Ali
020 8795 3863 ext.528

Luton Campus

Student Support Coordinator

Mr. Ali Hamadani
01582 729 486 ext.111

Student Support & Registry Officer

Ms. Zoya Bukhari
01582 729 486 ext.102

Student Support Assistant

Mr. Jemmuel Gad
01582 729 486 ext.101

Birmingham Campus

Student Support Coordinator

Mr. Nasir Abbas
0121 643 6774 ext.205

Career Adviser/ Welfare & Student Support Officer

Mr Amir Raza
0121 643 6774 ext.207