Support and Facilities

Careers Advice

We aim to improve the employability of our students providing the key skills and knowledge which they will need to succeed.

Our team help students to understand, formulate and implement well-informed choices about their careers.

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Student Support

Our Student Support team is the first point of contact for all students. They deal with personal and study issues and do all they can to ensure that students are able to concentrate on their studies.

If students have a physical, mental or social disability and require help, the staff will offer their support. They are also able to advise on financial concerns, issues with dependants or just how to study.

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Our professional librarians constantly review the collections and facilities to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information and to provide our students with a high quality learning environment.

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Learning Centre

The Learning Centre exists to encourage independent learning and develop research capability, equipped with multimedia learning resources and print facilities.

Physical Disabilities and Learning Difficulties

Here at LSST, we are well-equipped to support individuals with learning difficulties in numerous ways. Some of our facilities include dyslexia support via specialist equipment; ergonomically designed chairs for students with back aches and other physical disabilities; and dictaphones for individuals with eye impairments. In addition, our Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) partnership enables funding to individuals that are specifically tailor-made to their needs.

Personal Tutors

Personal tutors act as the main point of contact and reference in the School for a small group of students that has been allocated to individual tutors and are promoting student engagement. They proactively deal with students and ensure engagement, attendance and participation in the college’s diverse activities, including the monitoring of student progression with the aim of providing further help to lagging students.