Introducing Diana Lambert: the source of daily inspiration for LSST

Article Date | 12 June, 2023
By Mohamed Mudhir, Security and Operations Assistant, LSST Elephant and Castle

At the heart of every organisation, you’ll find people who bring magic to life. One such magic-maker at LSST is Diana Lambert who works with me in security. She is passionate about ensuring safety and security while also uplifting and motivating others.

Ever since Diana joined us back in August 2019 she’s been adding a sprinkle of positivity to our daily lives at LSST by creatively writing her own quote of the day. Her day starts early, ensuring everything is safe and sound before the doors open. But that’s just the beginning. Diana then steps into another role, one that’s equally important – she becomes our motivator-in-chief.

Upon entering LSST Elephant and Castle you notice something special at the front desk – Diana’s wisdom on a board (Image: LSST)

These quotes are more than just words on paper. They’re little sparks that light up our day. Both our team and our students have shared how these quotes have boosted their confidence, nudged them to stretch a bit more, and put a spring in their step.

In the face of increased challenges brought about by the pandemic, Diana, our dedicated Security Officer, fearlessly stepped onto the frontline. With unwavering determination and a contagious smile, she navigated through the difficulties while ensuring safety and spreading positivity. Diana’s daily quotes became a powerful tool, uplifting spirits and reminding everyone of the resilience and unity we possess.

Diana’s story is a beautiful reminder that every role at LSST is important and has the potential to inspire. Her commitment to her work and to LSST’s staff and students is a testament to her character and spirit. It’s not just about ensuring physical safety – it’s also about nurturing a positive and encouraging environment.

An example of Diana’s uplifting work (Image: LSST)

So, as we continue our journey at LSST, we do so inspired by Diana’s resilience, commitment, and, of course, her daily quotes. As each of us passes by her desk and reads the quote of the day, we’re reminded that we can face the day’s challenges head-on.

In celebrating Diana Lambert, we’re acknowledging a cornerstone of our LSST community, an embodiment of positivity, and a truly inspiring presence. Here’s to Diana – our guardian, our motivator, our unsung hero.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Diana Lambert: the source of daily inspiration for LSST”

  1. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for watching over our buildings and pupils all the times. You’re the best security guard I’ve ever known! Thank all of you for your dedication and hard work! It’s a blessing knowing that all of you are there and providing that our place of work is safe. “Your thoughtfulness ( Daily quotes) is a gift for us everyday.”

    • Profession: UWL Business Course Coordinator , Senior Fellow in HEA, Senior Lecturer.

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