Article Date | 16 November, 2017

As part of LSST’s ongoing encouragement in student entrepreneurships and SME’s, the college not only has the Student’s Dragons’ Den Events, but the college also has current and former students using the main canteen as an area in which to set up stalls to promote their SME’s and to make sales to both staff and students. These events are organised via the Work Placement, Careers and Employability Unit.

Current students use these opportunities to promote their businesses and improve their sales techniques and customer service skills.

The college allows former students these opportunities as part of the colleges continual interest in former students and their progression and business activities after leaving the college.

These have been events that the college has held over the last few years and this semester we have had two former students having stalls, one selling clothing, jewellery and cosmetics and the second selling clothing, ladies handbags, kitchen goods and household goods. We have also had a current student displaying and selling IT products including lap tops.

It is hoped that current students will be inspired to promote their own SME’s when they see the successes that former students have.

The stalls are both a success for those holding the displays and for staff and students who have enjoyed their purchases.

Students can not only have display they can leave their flyers and other advertisements in the canteen for other students and staff who may find them of interest.