LSST students and staff participate in global CNN healthcare debate

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 15 August 2017

CNN – a world leader in news and information delivery – invited LSST students and staff to participate in a global TV healthcare technology debate alongside world leading panellists.

The LSST team pose with Hala Gorani inside the CNN studio, Photograph: LSST London

Article date: Tue 15 August 2017 Photo Sources: LSST London

The CNN show, titled Body Smart, focuses on how technology is potentially altering almost all approaches to healthcare. Concurrently, LSST’s Health and Social Care department is concentrating, amongst other research areas, on how the sphere of health technology is evolving at its fastest pace and how the panorama of ‘wearable health tech’ will soon be common practice.

CNN hosted LSST’s Health and Social Care students and staff at the majestic McLaren centre as part of its ongoing community engagement programme.

The LSST team anticipate entering the majestic McLaren Centre, Photograph: LSST London

The CNN programme aired repeatedly throughout mid-August 2017 across all major TV, internet and mobile platforms reaching more than 385 million households around the globe.

The show was presented by the amiable and ever-gracious CNN correspondents, Hala Gorani and Samuel Burke who both took on questions from LSST’s students and staff for the panellists.

CNN host, Samuel Burke (centre left), help LSST students and staff feel at ease before the big show, Photograph: LSST London

Emma McLean, a first year Public Health and Social Care student, was first to set the show’s discussion by asking panellist Aldo Faisal, a world leading neuro-technologist at Imperial College London, about the dangers of replacing people with robotics. After the show, Emma added: ‘Attending the CNN studio was an amazing experience and to be able to debate with the pioneers of cutting edge technology was an opportunity which will stay with me for a long time.’

May Thomas, a Public Health and Social Care student said: ‘It was a wonderful experience that sparked many interesting debates and questions about the future of public health.’

LSST feeling proud with CNN staff, Photograph: LSST London

Barbara Chinyani, LSST’s Public Health & Social Care Programme Leader, who asked a number of questions on the show, said: ‘The nature of public health is impacted by technological developments and it is of paramount importance that we foster a holistic student experience that reflects real life situations.’

Janna Mazumder, a Lecturer in Health and Social Care who also attended the show, added: ‘The greatest thing about meeting the experts was learning about their experiences and discoveries. Our students certainly felt that studying is not limited to the classroom’.

Programme Leader Barbara (far right) with her students displaying yummy bespoke snacks, Photograph: LSST London

CNN hosts, Hala Gorani and Samuel Burke congratulated LSST’s students and staff for being great guests and for asking strong questions. The hosts and panelists then kindly took time out after to show to help LSST’s students learn more about the impact technology is having on healthcare.


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Note from the Deputy CEO:

LSST has successfully contributed to and influenced a global CNN debate. This is both a proud and momentous occasion for LSST.
I thank our students and staff who researched and planned questions in advance of the show and for being such excellent ambassadors for LSST – on a global scale. I was personally very impressed with the confidence and quality of questions presented.
I send CNN and the McLaren team my gratitude for their bespoke hospitality and for acknowledging our proud partnerships with London Metropolitan University and the University of West London.
We all look forward to working with CNN again in the near future.
Lastly, I wish to thank Mr Ali Jafar, LSST’s Marketing and Admissions Director and Kunal Chan Mehta, LSST’s Marketing and PR consultant, for setting up this wonderful opportunity and event.
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Mr Mohammed Zaidi, Deputy CEO, LSST


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