LSST Luton students raise money for Keech Hospice Care

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 8 April 2019

By Kunal Chan Mehta, Senior Lecturer and Public Relations Officer

L-R: Malina Badea, SU Coordinator, Katie Richardson, Regional & Events Fundraising Coordinator and Cornelia den Brejeen, SU Vice-President

LSST Luton students and staff have raised an astonishing £411.25 for the Keech Hospice Care in Luton. Malina Badea, LSST SU Luton coordinator, and Cornelia den Brejeen, LSST SU Luton vice-president, helped raise £261.25 and secure a further £150.00 donation from LSST’s Student Union.

Superhuman student fund raisers standing proud at LSST Luton

Aqeel Syed, Associate Dean for LSST Luton, said: ‘I can’t thank the LSST students enough for their achievements and for raising so much money in such a short space of time. I am confident this experience has provided them with important skills that will serve them well in the workplace too.’

Katie Richardson, Regional Fundraising Coordinator at Keech Hospice Care, said: ‘We’re very grateful for the support of the London School of Science and Technology. As a charity, Keech depends on around 70 per cent of the funding for its care services to come from the community for its survival. All the charity’s services are offered free of charge, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Donations like these will ensure we can keep providing all our services to our adults and children at a time they need us most.’