Our policies


LSST and our awarding bodies have made some changes to our academic regulations to protect your interests and the integrity of our awards during the COVID-19 pandemic. These can be read here.

In this section you can find our Policies and Procedures. If you have any query please Contact Us

Appeals Policy and Procedures
Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Policy
Academic Misconduct Policy (Plagiarism, Collusion, Cheating)
Admissions Policy
Anti Bribery Policy
Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy
Assessment Board Policy and Procedures
Copyright Policy
Data Protection Policy (Students)
Employee Data Protection and Records Management Policy
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
External Speakers and Events Policy
Fitness to Practice (Work Placements) and DBS Policy
Fitness to Study Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Internal Verification Policy
Library Regulations
LSST Connect User Guide
Mitigating Circumstances Policy
Policy on Safeguarding & External Contractors
Personal Academic Tutoring Policy
Pregnant Students and Students with Very Young Children Policy
Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism Policy
Published Information Policy
Regulations for the Use of IT Facilities
Reasonable Adjustments Policy
Registration and Certification Procedure
Safeguarding Policy
Security Policy
Social Media Policy
Student Attendance Policy & Procedure
Policy & Standards for CCTV Operation
Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
Student Complaints Policy
Student Engagement Policy
UWL- Student Enrolment Terms and Conditions
Student Induction Policy
Student Newsletter Guidelines
Student Support and Disability Policy
Student Union Constitution
Teaching Observation Policy
Tuition Fee and Refund Policy
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Policy
Web Privacy Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Withdrawals, Deferrals, Transfers and Resumption of Study Policy
Work Placement Policy

Computing and IT