An Unforgettable End of Academic Year Party at LSST Wembley

Article Date | 15 June, 2023

By Florina-Camelia Mot, Student Union Vice-President, LSST Wembley


LSST Wembley hosted a spectacular and unforgettable ‘End of Academic Year’ party thanks to the endorsement of LSST’s SU President Liliana Gabriela Andronie and the outstanding assistance and support from Ancuta Hapurne, LSST’s Engagement Officer, and Zsofia Borbely, LSST’s Admissions & Widening Participation Associate, as well as LSST Wembley students Sadhiya Shaik, Ioan Gabriel Chira and Stefan Iusca.

As the current academic year come to an end, LSST’s Wembley campus was bustling with excitement for the much-anticipated “End of Academic Year” party. As Vice President of the LSST Student Union, it was my greatest pleasure to organise this event with the aim of jointly celebrating student achievements.

The Hawaii atmosphere where students and staff celebrate the end of the academic year (Photo: LSST).
The Aloha meaning of “hello” and “goodbye” to the Academic Year is embraced by the LSST SU Vice-President and Sadhiya with many mixed emotions (Photo: LSST)

Hawaiian Summer Vibes

Along with the event supporters, we gave the party a lively Hawaiian atmosphere – as many of us have a keen eye for creating the perfect ambience. In turn, LSST Wembley was transformed into a tropical vibe with Aloha Summer decorations, music, karaoke, mindfulness colouring sheets, and Hawaiian accessories. The aim was to transport everyone to a world of carefree summer holidays, allowing them to momentarily escape the rigours of academic life and embrace the waves of celebration and relaxation.


Delicious Treats and Refreshments

To complement the lively atmosphere, a delectable array of food and drinks was served. The highlight of the menu was the Hawaiian pizza, evoking the spirit of the islands. Other varieties of pizza, along with ice cream, summer tropical drinks and snacks were also on offer. These mouthwatering delights not only satisfied the taste buds but also added to the festive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone felt nourished and energised.


Celebrating Achievements and Expressing Gratitude

The party served as a platform to celebrate the achievements of the academic year. It was a momentous occasion to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and commitment shown by the students throughout their studies. The event was organised as a heartfelt thank you to all LSST Wembley students for their unwavering efforts and allowed them to express their gratitude to the dedicated staff members whose patience and teaching had been instrumental in their progression.


Unity and Harmony

The LSST “End of Academic Year” party brought together staff and students, fostering a sense of unity and harmony within the LSST community. As the celebrations progressed, it became clear that there was an atmosphere of respect and affection.

The gathering gave participants the ideal setting for communication, collaboration, and celebration, fostering the ties that make LSST an outstanding educational organisation.

The LSST “End of Academic Year” party organised by Florina-Camelia Mot, with the support of Ancuta Hapurne, Sadhiya Shaik, Ioan Gabriel Chira, Stefan Iusca, Zsofia Borbely, and many others, was a magical and unforgettable celebration (Photo: LSST)

Showcasing Business Skills

One remarkable aspect of this party was the active involvement of LSST students in running the event. The students, who had honed their business skills through commitment and studies at LSST, played an integral role in its success. Their contributions made the occasion truly special, and their lecturers feel proud as they witnessed the obvious effects of their teaching, guidance, and perseverance.

A delectable selection of Hawaiian pizzas and drinks finished the lively ambience, creating the perfect backdrop for interaction and celebration (Photo: LSST)

Ancuta Hapurne, LSST’s Engagement Officer, enjoyed being in the middle of the students and was impressed by how the ‘End of Year Academic Party’ brought students and staff together to socialise and meet new people. Lecturers and staff feel proud as they witnessed an involved and vibrant student community.

Ancuta said: ‘One remarkable aspect I enjoyed being part of this party was the active involvement of LSST students in running the event and how they integrated their skills through commitment and their amazing contribution that made it truly special. It was a privilege to meet all the students at the party, and I take every opportunity to participate in these engaging events, which are meant to be inclusive and engaging for all students. It can also help students feel more connected to their school and community and improve their academic experience overall.’

‘The party’s success is a testimony of the dedication, commitment, and hard work of our SU Vice-President, Florina-Camelia Mot, who has gone above and beyond to bring unforgettable moments to our campus.’

The Hawaiian-themed decorations, delicious pizza, and refreshing beverages created a joyous atmosphere where staff and students could come together in harmony. As the event drew to a close, it was clear that the LSST community thrived on mutual respect and appreciation. The party showcased the business skills of LSST students, proving that the institution not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures well-rounded individuals.

LSST’s Academic Support team relished this incredible occasion as a reward for their dedication and hard work during this Academic Year (Photo: LSST)


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