Career Insights Gained from Nikke Hewitt, Senior Executive Recruiter at Reed

Article Date | 17 October, 2023

By Foteini Meleti, Career & Employability Coordinator, LSST Elephant and Castle

Level 5 and Level 6 students attended Nikke Hewitt’s talk (Photo: LSST Elephant and Castle)

LSST Elephant and Castle hosted a remarkable event, featuring a distinguished guest speaker, Nikke Hewitt – Senior Executive Recruiter from Reed. Nikke’s presentation (on 11 October 2023) explored the intricacies of securing a job after completing a degree, and her enthusiastic engagement with student career-related inquiries, left a lasting impression on all attendees.

Reed is one of the UK’s most reputable recruitment agencies and it was no wonder Nikke’s talk was eagerly anticipated by both students and staff. Her experience and expertise made her the perfect choice to guide our students towards successful careers.

Nikke’s talk covered a wide range of subjects, including how to create a great resume and become skilled at job interviews.  She stressed the significance of showcasing one’s qualifications, passion, and personality during the hiring process. Her guidance on building connections and developing meaningful relationships with people in the industry strongly connected with the audience.  Nikke emphasised the significance of volunteering in her talk. She highlighted how volunteering can positively impact the community and enhance one’s skills, build a network, and even open up career opportunities. Nikke’s message was clear: ‘Giving back through volunteering is a valuable experience and a pathway to personal and professional growth’.

Nikke answering career-related questions from LSST Elephant and Castle students (Photo: LSST Elephant and Castle).

The subsequent Q&A session, following Nikke’s presentation, was equally enlightening. Students had the opportunity to pose their burning career-related questions to Nikke, and she responded with patience and expertise. Her answers were replete with practical advice and words of encouragement, instilling students with the confidence to navigate the journey post-graduation.

Nikke with the Academic Lead of Business Degrees Eniana Gobuzi and the Academic Lead for health Degrees Floyd Manderson.

Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about the possibility of future collaborations with Nikke and Reed. Her mentorship and guidance will undoubtedly serve as a valuable resource as LSST students navigate the competitive landscape of job hunting. Together, we can empower our students to embark on successful careers, equipped with the knowledge and skills essential to thrive in their chosen professions.

The event is one that will stay in our memories for a long time. Nikke’s visit has reinforced our commitment to helping our students succeed by equipping them with the necessary tools and guidance to excel in the job market. We eagerly look forward to a future filled with collaborative efforts to support LSST students in their pursuit of fulfilling careers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nikke for her enlightening insights and eagerly anticipate future collaborations to support LSST students in their career journeys.

It was clear from the questions asked by the LSST students that they welcomed this opportunity to hear firsthand from someone with her expertise.  We can not wait to have her back.

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