How Students Can Think Positive During COVID–19

Article Date | 27 May, 2020
By Eniana Gobuzi, Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator (UWL), Elephant and Castle Campus

Every student at LSST is now experienced in adjusting to online learning during the lockdown - but what about positive thinking? Has it waxed or, even, waned? With restricted living - and life, as we know or knew it, suspended - we can develop impulsive habits of thinking in a much less positive way.

Solitude to therapy

Months in, we are still adjusting to living more slowly during the lockdown. We are adapting, in solitude, on a scale that has never been seen before. Who would have ever thought that we could not go on holiday, visit loved ones, dine at our favourite restaurants, or go to the cinema?

Yet, within this solitude, it is easy for us to start excessive thinking where negative thoughts can start to materialise. But can this solitude be therapeutic? How do we turn the effects of solitude into a friend rather than an enemy? Many films and books depict a retreat from the norms of a hectic life as a blessing. Is this solitude not what a ‘holiday’ is? Getting away from it all? So surely we must think about this solitude differently – or, if we can, more positively – to value whatever benefits it can bring us.

We spend most of our time dreaming and preparing for great things: luxuries, countries we would like to visit, family successes; reaching our life goals - but we never think or plan for the ‘worst’. Perhaps this is why we are now confronting an unprecedented situation that no one was – or still is – fully prepared for.

As things stand, there is no immediate light at the end of the tunnel, but we must remind ourselves that Covid-19 will not last forever! Bukowski said: ‘Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I’m not going to make it, but you laugh inside – remembering all the times you’ve felt that way.’

Be mindful

We must live in the present – and this means to not over-think about what has occurred and what will. Instead, we should take baby steps and always trust in ourselves! We are all much stronger than we believe and we have this ‘unknown’ inner strength that most people do not know is always there – albeit buried.

You will be surprised at how strong we can become in the face of a calamity. This should remind us to be mindful about our strengths and to not overburden ourselves with negative thoughts.

Unboxed thinking

Why not practice positive thinking by organising plenty of activities that will bring back or replenish your happiness and motivation? Highlight your ideas, be it painting or supporting NHS services, and work with LSST’s Student Union, class reps and lecturers to turn your ideas into reality.

Many people say that we should think ‘outside the box’ but my advice to you is ‘think like there is no box’ and explore different ideas that will further contribute to your happiness. There are many helpful examples here prepared by LSST students:

Explore the online world of LSST

LSST students are already familiar with the LSST Portal and RM Unify but have you ever further explored the world of knowledge inside LSST’s online resources?

For students with children, why not explore ways for how you and your child can learn together? Spend quality time and create a healthy learning-oriented relationship with them. Try the many free activities on Khan Academy, available via RM Unify:

Grab as many opportunities offered to you by LSST. Participate in online debate activities together and build a positive sense of the educational process with peers using online debate forums on the LSST Portal. The time to explore is now.

Also visit Thinkuknow, via RM Unify, the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline. This is a very helpful resource for staying safe online.

Improve your academic and employability skills

Ever thought that you needed to develop your academic writing and Harvard referencing skills? Then take the right step forward and book your place on our fantastic webinar series that regularly take place on important academic subjects from Harvard referencing through to IT skills. Ask your lecturers or PAT for possible additional links for your respective campus or course.

As always, your Academic Support teams and Library staff can point you in the right direction. They have a huge wealth of resources and can be contacted easily online. Also, visit the LSST Portal for excellent blogs on employability skills written by LSST’s Careers and Work Placements staff.

Meet your favourite lecturer online

Do you miss meeting your favourite lectures in the corridors of LSST? Do you sometimes get the impression that you need someone to further guide your ideas and opinions? Then do not hesitate at all and contact our amazing team of lecturers directly via Webinar or emails and request for a chat or one to one support.

When possible, you may also video chat with lecturers over the MS team app should you wish. Take the time to reflect on your academic developments, chat with them and express your opinions. LSST staff are always here to make sure you get the best out of your learner journey regardless of where you are.

If you feel that you have questions about submissions and your assessments, feel free to contact your PAT Tutor. There is no one else that knows you better than your PAT Tutor. Having a conversation and getting some useful advice will give you more confidence and help you make better decisions.

Learn a new language

Ever dreamed about learning a new foreign language? We all know that communication is power. However, like many of my students, you may feel that you never had the time and resources to learn a new language despite its wealth of advantages. Now is the right time, and you can do it for free with just a single click at Start by learning a few basic phrases and you will see a spike in your confidence. It is really impressive and builds strong rapport when people showcase new language skills.

Be a better you

We all have hidden talents that were ‘lost over time’. So many of us have either neglected or forgotten about a gift that we once cherished. Now is the time to re-awaken your talents or learn new ones and to commit yourself to develop your creativity and becoming an expert. Can you become that ‘new’ person that you always once wanted to be?

Here is a great video on how to be a better you:

Keep calm and reflect

Take at least 10 minutes every day to reflect on what you want and how can you achieve this. Share with peers or academic staff. You will realise that reflecting will help you stay calm and focused.

You may also add some information on useful apps for a healthy mind and mindfulness and


Covid-19 took the world by surprise but the time now for is for sustained positive thinking. Every student at LSST is aware that they are pilots of their lives. Your mind is your car if you like and your thoughts are the steering wheel that direct you. So positive thinking – and doing - can help you be where you want and help you be the best version of yourself.

‘’If you can change your mind you can change your life’’

William James

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