LSST Aston Hosts Grads Evening – A Celebration of Achievement, Networking and Inspiration with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 13 June 2023

LSST Aston hosted its ‘Grads Evening,’ a prestigious event to honour the remarkable achievements of its graduand students. The evening, jam-packed with networking and celebration, took place on 8 June 2023 at LSST Aston’s campus in the presence of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.  

Addressing LSST Aston graduands, The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Chaman Lal, said: ‘I am impressed with the achievements of LSST and how the institute supports the learning of individuals from underrepresented groups. Your success is evidence of your hard work and commitment. Well done and congratulations on your remarkable achievements.’

Mohsin Riaz, the Dean of LSST Birimingham, welcomes the graduands, setting the tone for an evening of inspiration and achievement (Photo: LSST)


The Lord Mayor of Birmingham shares his valuable insights and words of wisdom with LSST Aston graduands (Photo: LSST)

Mr Ali Jafar Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO, said: ‘This memorable celebration is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of LSST Aston’s graduands. It is a celebration of their academic accomplishments and a stepping stone towards their promising future.’

A proud moment to capture memories: LSST Aston graduands celebrating a significant and special occasion (Photo: LSST)

Mohsin Riaz, Dean of LSST Birmingham, speaking at the event, said: ‘I am extremely proud of our Aston graduands for demonstrating their academic courage and commitment. They have embraced and shaped a sense of community and inclusiveness to make a positive and lasting difference. They will always be at the heart of LSST and I am grateful for all their contributions. I also commend my team at Aston for their untiring efforts and dedication across all departments in coaching our students towards this major milestone.’

The evening kicked off with an opportunity for graduands to connect with their peers and expand their professional networks over refreshments (Photo: LSST).

Honouring LSST student achievements during turbulent times

LSST graduand accomplishments are particularly noteworthy, considering the numerous challenges they faced while pursuing their accredited degrees during an extensive pandemic. Amid the height of the pandemic, these individuals demonstrated resilience in overcoming social isolation and the shift to remote learning. They even navigated the unique experience of fostering remote companionships. ‘Despite such obstacles, LSST graduands emerged triumphant, showcasing their pliability, determination and adaptability in the face of adversity to achieve and accomplish so much,’ remarked Dr George Panagiotou, LSST’s Principal.

The graduands also received valuable advice on the ongoing support available to them for their chosen career paths from LSST’s Alumni (Photo: LSST)

Dr Wendy Wigley, LSST’s Head of Student Lifecycle and Partnerships Manager, added: ‘I am so proud of our graduands and our graduate alumni. Amid the pandemic, they juggled work, family and studies. With their strengthened resolve, I know they will go on and make a positive difference for themselves, their families and communities. I wish each of them the very best of success and look forward to staying in touch.’

Lynnette Douglas, LSST’s Student Support Lead, who coordinated the event, surmised: ‘We are thrilled that this event was packed with captivating activities that left a lasting impression on attendees. We join everyone across LSST, and extend our warmest congratulations to all the graduands and those who have played an integral role in their success.’

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham was presented with a memorial shield from Mohsin Riaz, Dean of LSST Birmingham, and Dr Wendy Wigley, LSST’s Head of Student Lifecycle and Partnerships Manager (Photo: LSST)

Distinguished by the presence of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, the event became a momentous and memorable occasion for LSST’s graduands (Photo: LSST).

The highlight of the evening: Graduands are presented with their hard-earned certificates, symbolising their academic accomplishments and marking a significant milestone in their educational journey.

An unforgettable evening of networking and celebration: LSST graduands are looking forward to graduating later this year (Photo: LSST)

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