LSST Elephant and Castle Student Entrepreneurs Launch Tie-Dye Business

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 30 March 2023

LSST Business students Vasilena Pehlivanova and Joshua Sesay are the founders of Not Your Regular Shop

Across LSST, entrepreneurship remains a popular path for students to present and express their creativity and passion. Joshua Sesay and Vasilena Pehlivanova, two business students studying BA (Hons) in Business Management with Foundation Year at LSST Elephant and Castle, have exemplified this by establishing a successful online business. Their venture ‘Not Your Regular Shop‘ has gained popularity for distinctive products and exceptional customer service.

The idea for Joshua and Vasilena’s astonishing business took place just 6 months ago during a business lecture at LSST Elephant and Castle. Joshua explained: ‘We were really inspired by our LSST course and it gave us the confidence and certainty to start this business. We started firing off lots of business ideas and we just knew we had to be different and do our own thing.’ Vasilena, in agreement, added: ‘With our shared love of fashion and a desire to start a business that would allow us to express our creative flair, we noticed a market gap in unique and trendy clothes and accessories that were both stylish, luxurious and affordable – and dyed.’

      ‘Not Your Regular Shop‘ is offering its dyed socks amid a basket full of egg-citement this Easter (Photo: NotYourRegularShop)


Only a month ago the entrepreneurial duo set up their website and began selling their products in hamper-styled packages to friends and family and quickly saw the demand for their items upsurge.

         Nike tie-dye socks bundle are a customer favourite (Photo: NotYourRegularShop)


Their Nike tie-dye socks bundle has become a customer favorite, with its vibrant and eye-catching colors. The socks are a perfect accessory for any fashion-conscious individual, whether they are looking to elevate their holiday or gym gear – or even add some personality to their everyday outfits. Vasilena said: ‘The bundle of dyed socks is a fantastic deal that offers customers six pairs of high-quality socks at a great price. In fact, owing to the excellent customer feedback, we are soon launching dyed t-shirts, bags, and accessories.’

Joshua spoke about the challenges of setting up a business while studying for a business degree: ‘There will always be challenges but there will never be a better time for Vasilena and me as we are currently benefitting from LSST’s expert staff coaching us. They are also helping us network with stakeholders and LSST’s Public Relations Manager is even helping us with social media content ideas.’

Syed Rizvi, Academic Dean of LSST Elephant and Castle campus, said: ‘Not Your Regular Shop's sudden success can be attributed to the dedication its founders have for customer satisfaction – something that they learned a lot about during their course. They are going above and beyond to ensure that their customers receive great service and high-quality products. I am delighted to learn that they are continuously expanding their product line to offer customers new and exciting items.’

            Tie-dye sock bundles to knock your socks off (Photo: NotYourRegularShop)


Mr. Ali Jafar Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO, commented: ‘Joshua and Vasilena’s story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship, determination, and hard work. Their passion for fashion has allowed them to turn their academic theory and dreams into reality to create a unique brand that reverberates with customers. They have built a strong business from scratch, and their success has stirred others to follow in their robust footsteps.’

Dr. George Panagiotou, LSST’s Principal, surmised: ‘This journey from student to entrepreneur is inspirational to everyone. Their business has gained a loyal following and will become a go-to for anyone looking for unique and stylish clothes, bags, and accessories. We all look forward to seeing what new and thrilling products they will bring to the market next.’

Joshua and Vasilena will soon be running workshops and talking with LSST students about embracing innovation and detailing their business journey.

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2 thoughts on “LSST Elephant and Castle Student Entrepreneurs Launch Tie-Dye Business”

  1. This shows great courage and tenacity, and it serves as an inspiration to people who harbour ambitions but have not yet dared to begin chasing their dreams. Starting the business is like a healthy gamble with the expectation of a lengthy and arduous route to success rather than an easy victory. Never lose hope that success will eventually dawn on those who believe in their aims, even if there are challenges in the beginning or throughout the path. As life itself, business is undergoing perpetual change. however, this is our life. Deeper emotions and experiences are felt and experienced by people who have the strength and capacity to create with their own hands.
    My sincere congratulations on the start of your adventure and my wish for you to never give up in the face of challenges.
    Also, the purple socks were extremely cool! in fact, it is a color that once upon a time only members of the royal family could wear.

    • Profession: Student
  2. Wow! Very creative, value added products. I am delighted. I wish you both all the best!

    • Profession: Business lecturer

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