LSST Hosts Annual Research Symposium on Embracing Diversity in Higher Education

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 14 September 2023


LSST held its second annual research symposium with a focus on diversity in higher education. The event, organised by LSST’s Research Centre, was hosted at LSST’s Elephant and Castle campus. The symposium, attended by over 150 staff, discussed various strategies that can be implemented to promote diversity and inclusivity in teaching and learning.

Mr Syed Rizvi, Academic Dean of LSST’s Elephant & Castle Campus and Dean of Learning & Teaching, welcomes symposium delegates and states that it is crucial to recognise the significance of diversity in every educational activity and programme at LSST. (Photo: LSST)

Mr Ali Jafar Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO and Patron of LSST’s Research Centre, confirmed LSST’s dedication and plans to encourage research. He stated that the event was a ‘significant milestone’ in promoting knowledge exchange, collaboration and diversity in higher education. He added that the research presented was ‘exceptional’, and will have a ‘lasting and positive impact on society’.

Dr George Panagiotou, LSST’s Principal, offers an inspiring keynote address on embracing diversity in HE teaching and learning with an added focus on student real-world outcomes. (Photo: LSST)

Speaking about the research presented, Dr George Panagiotou, LSST’s Principal, said: ‘I am immensely proud to reflect on the resounding success of our research symposium. This event was the culmination of a year-long endeavour, marked by tireless dedication and hard work from a multitude of individuals, including our exceptional faculty and committed LSST Research Centre colleagues. The symposium served as a testament to the unwavering spirit of intellectual curiosity and collaborative effort that defines our institution.’

‘Throughout this remarkable journey, our community came together to foster an environment where innovation and scholarship thrived. The symposium showcased the diversity of research and the depth of knowledge that is being cultivated within our campuses. It was a celebration of ideas and a forum for cross-disciplinary dialogue. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to this outstanding achievement, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued growth of our research community as we build on the success of this symposium. Together, we have demonstrated that the pursuit of knowledge has no limits. The future of research at LSST is indeed promising.’

LSST Deans (front table) and symposium delegates reflect and interact during a research presentation. (Photo: LSST)

‘The annual LSST research symposium is not just an event of harvesting intellectual ideas, it is also a celebration of diversity with LSST colleagues from diverse backgrounds, cultures and disciplines coming together for a common purpose,’ added Dr Chinedu Uwabuike, Chair of LSST Research Services Council.

Dr Wendy Wigley, LSST’s Head of Student Lifecycle and Partnerships Manager, addresses the importance of placing the student ‘first and always’ in her keynote speech. (Photo: LSST)

Congratulating symposium presenters, Dr Wendy Wigley, LSST’s Head of Student Lifecycle and Partnerships Manager, said: ‘This event demonstrated the breadth of scholarly talent and capability we possess at LSST. To hear such interesting presentations from staff and students was inspirational.’

Dr Wendy Wigley, LSST’s Head of Student Lifecycle and Partnerships Manager, presents Michael Demehin, Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator at LSST Aston, with a first-prize award for his stand-out paper focusing on an exploration of the impact of formative feedback in Higher Education. (Photo: LSST)
Surrounded by academic colleagues Lina Du, Senior Lecturer in Business (left), and Forhad Ur Rahman, Business Course Coordinator (right), Ms Loredana Forward (centre), a former LSST student who now works as a Trainee Admissions & Widening Participation Associate at LSST Aston, won third prize for her poster presentation titled: An investigation of motivation on employee retention within the retail sector: A case study of Carpetright, West Midlands.

Dr Maryam Idris-Usman, LSST’s Research Centre Coordinator, said: ‘The cross-campus symposium provided opportunities to explore, learn and collaborate in different ways as well as shape ideas on our different fields. I was especially enthralled by the research papers presented alongside the motivating poster presentations. I send my heartfelt congratulations to all our entrants and winners.’

‘The LSST Research Centre extends its gratitude to all LSST Executives, notably the Deputy CEO, Principal and Academic Deans for their unwavering support in making this event a resounding success. Their commitment to advancing research-informed teaching and practice is commendable and continues to inspire all involved,’ continued Dr Idris-Usman.

Mr Azhar Abbas, Operations Manager at LSST Elephant and Castle, commends the outstanding Symposium support staff who paid attention to every detail. (Photo: LSST)
Dr Maryam Idris-Usman, LSST’s Research Centre Coordinator, presents how peer mentoring can act as a vital tool for increasing motivation in students. (Photo: LSST)
Mr Syed Rizvi, Academic Dean of LSST Elephant & Castle Campus and LSST’s Dean of Learning & Teaching, presents Dr Sujata Bose with the first-place prize for her outstanding poster presentation on the impact of perceived institutional support on student psychological wellbeing. (Photo: LSST)

The call for papers garnered substantial interest, resulting in ten full-paper presentations and twelve poster presenters. This diverse array of academic contributions further enriched the symposium’s content, offering a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities in higher education.

Mohammad Haider (second from right), Academic Dean of LSST Wembley, with his academic staff and researchers. (Photo: LSST)

LSST Annual Research Symposium upheld its tradition of fostering collaboration in research theory and practice. Attendees engaged in robust discussions, formed valuable connections, and laid the foundation for future collaborative research endeavours.

Stuart Johns, a facilities staff member at LSST Elephant and Castle, received immense recognition for his warm and enthusiastic support during the event where he made everyone feel welcome. (Photo: LSST)
LSST Deans learn more about a selection of poster presentations promoting LSST research (Photo: LSST)

Beyond the academic exchange, the symposium celebrated diversity in the truest sense. Colleagues from varied backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines came together, reinforcing the idea that diversity is not just embraced but celebrated at LSST.




Full Paper Presentation Name of oral presenter(s) Title of full paper Position/Prize won
Paper 1 Dr Mohammad Haque Organisational obligation and intrinsic motivation in UK private higher education: Empirical research.
Paper 2 Dr Maryam Shehu Idris-Usman and Ms Nilany Sinnappu Peer mentoring as a tool for increasing motivation in students from widening participation background in higher education: a mixed method study”
Paper 3 Dr Merlin Thanga Joy Atchuthen and Mr Nedko Minchev Graduate Employability and Competence Development in Higher Education: Are undergraduates taught relevant skills?’
Paper 4 Dr Chinedu (Ned) Uwabuike and Mr Obed Cobbinah Exploring HQWR and work engagement using the LMX theoretical framework: A case study of LSST Graduate Trainee Lecturers. 2nd Prize
Paper 5 Dr Charles Boadi Cultural dimensions of students and their achievements in secondary schools in London as a metaphor of animals and how they give birth? ”
Paper 6 Mr Michael Demehin A Socio-Empirical Analysis of Effective Formative Feedback in Higher Education Through a Sociological Framework of Latent and Manifest Functions. 1st Prize
Paper 7 Dr Maria Bastos Political and geopolitical representations of India-Japan relations. Challenging China in South Asia?
Paper 8 Ben Abudawood Enhancing Productivity through – Team Competition: A Comprehensive Review.
Paper 9 Dr Patricia Barnet-Quaicoo Minimising Bank Failures Through Effective Regulatory Compliance Monitoring – A Literature Review.
Paper 10 Dr Beryl Bamu Inclusion of People with Disabilities: creating pathways to diversity through normative ethics. 3rd Prize
                                                                                                              . .

. .
Poster Name of presenter(s) Title of poster Position/Prize won
Poster 1 Dr Sujata Bose A study on the impact of perceived institutional support on student’s psychological wellbeing: moderating role of student’s family income and place of domicile. 1st Prize
Poster 2 Dr Ojeiu Ejere and Dr Yasmin Mirza The impact of social media on promoting dementia awareness among young adult social-media users: a quantitative study.
Poster 3 Mr Shan Wikoon Evaluating the impact of integrating Microsoft learning tools and generative AI tools in Higher Education teaching and learning.
Poster 4 Ms Loredana Forward An investigation of motivation on employee retention within the retail sector: A case study of Carpetright, West Midlands. 3rd Prize
Poster 5 Dr Odoligie Imarhiagbe and Mrs Ikponmwosa B.O. Energy drinks consumption rate and its impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of young people in the UK: a review.
Poster 6 Ms Zora Visanji and Ms Nicole Aresti Qualitative Study of Ethnic Minorities’ Perception of Gender and Sexuality.
Poster 7 Ms Ruth Adjei Adomako, Ms Kiran Arooje and Ms Hararia Ijaz Embracing diversity in higher education teaching and learning: a comparative study.
Poster 8 Mr Olusola Leigh The Impact of people & organisational performance practices for new and existing staff: A mixed method study.
Poster 9 Mr Ahmad Aslam Executive compensation at times – of COVID-19 pandemic.
Poster 10 Mr Samuel Derrick Barriers facing BAME migrants in the UK higher education: The perspective of employability skills and their experience of social justice.
Poster 11 Dr Ying Liu Modelling Chinese business ethics in public relations among collectivist community decision-makers.
Poster 12 Mr Floyd Manderson Is education therapy or is therapy education: The role of education in the therapeutic milieu of the adult educational experience. 2nd Prize
LSST cross-campus researchers assemble at LSST Elephant and Castle to share their latest diversity research, ideas and projects (Photo: LSST)
Our majestic moderators from LSST’s Elephant and Castle campus (l-r): Ms Foteini Meleti, Career and Employability Coordinator, Mrs Hazar Korkmazoglu, Course Coordinator for BNU Business, and Ms Umme Farwa Amin, Course Coordinator for BNU Health. (Photo: LSST)

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