LSST in praise of Twyford CofE High School’s Work Experience Student

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 14 July 2017

LSST is in praise of Mr Chukuma Innocent – a 15 year young work experience student from Twyford Church of England High School.

Article date: Fri 14 July 2017
Photo Source: LSST London

Chukuma – known as Chuck by his friends – has completed his work experience with LSST’s admissions and marketing department. Having inspired LSST staff with his passionate and committed work ethic, Chuck successfully completed a web analysis project, a researcher database and assisted with open day telephone enquiries.

Mr Ali Jafar, LSST’s Director of Admissions and Marketing, said: ‘I had to check if Chuck was actually 15 as his maturity and ability to team-fit was way beyond his years. His hands-on approach and ability to work with people exceeded our expectations. He is a future star and his web analysis project ideas will be implemented by our team immediately.’

Mr Mohammed Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO, said: ‘LSST is passionate about work placements and Chuck pays enormous tribute to the value such placements have on organisations. Everyone at LSST wishes him the very best for a promising future.’

Mr Edward Clifton, Head of Year 10 at Twyford CofE High School said: ‘It is clear that Chukuma has gained a huge amount from his time at LSST. Work experience can play a huge part in helping young people to make key decisions about their future. We are very grateful to LSST for providing such an interesting placement for Chukuma.’

Chuck was asked a series of questions about his experience at LSST:

1. How did you hear about LSST?

I heard about it through my friends who were discussing their future paths after they complete their A-Levels. I just went on to the LSST website and found the organisation to be an interesting place to work.

2. What tasks did you complete at LSST?

I was assigned many tasks helping both the admissions and marketing team. One of the jobs I particularly enjoyed was critiquing the LSST website and suggesting improvements for the site. I’ve learnt that creating and editing a website is not as easy as it appears to the naked eye. A lot of skill and creativity is necessary. Also, whilst analysing the website, I was impressed by the LSST’s association with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and so many high profile individuals.

3. Was this your first professional work experience?

Yes this was my first work experience encounter. It has definitely inspired me to apply to higher education courses in business at LSST in the future and my current school has really helped set the pathway.

4. What did you think of the mature LSST students when you met them?

I found them to be polite and helpful. I also worked with a former LSST student who has now been employed full-time by LSST. He was very inspiring, professional and supportive and I was interested in his LSST student to LSST employee journey.

5. How have you found your time in the LSST offices compared to school?

I’ve found it very different to school. At work you have to focus on single tasks for longer periods of time.

6. What skills do you think you’ve acquired from your work experience?

I think being around a range of different applicants in the office has improved my social skills. I now feel more confident to speak to new people in a professional manner. I liked interacting with different people each day.

7. How would you describe your time at LSST?

I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of skills and I’ve experienced a completely new environment from what I’m used to at school. It’s been an informative and an enjoyable experience. I am excited to get back to school with my news skills and confidence.

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