LSST Lecturer co-publishes alcohol treatment study funded by Alcohol Change UK

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 28 May 2021

Dr Mansour Bagheri at our London Elephant & Castle campus

A comprehensive study co-published by Dr Mansour Bagheri, an acclaimed Health and Social Care lecturer at LSST’s London Elephant and Castle campus, stresses the importance of long-term recovery and continual support in people reliant on alcohol. The study, co-written with four other leading academics, was funded by Alcohol Change UK as part of its ambition to significantly reduce serious alcohol harm in the UK.

Dr Bagheri explained: ‘Our study focused on an alcohol treatment programme called Moving On In My Recovery (MOIMR) that aims to bridge the gap between formal treatment and mutual aid. We found that group-based intervention and set-frameworks heavily support recovery in those reliant on alcohol.’

The study highlights that formal treatment outcomes are not always effective because relapse rates are high and service users require ongoing support to sustain their recovery. Dr Bagheri observes that the MOIMR programme saw significant improvements in psychological flexibility and wellbeing in his study participants who felt a sense of being on a ‘shared journey’ rather than one of seclusion.

Mr Mohammed Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO, commending the study, said: ‘Dr Bagheri’s decisive study shares a great wealth of expertise and research experience with LSST’s expanding knowledge-community about the helpful effects of strategic and sustained intervention with those recovering from alcohol reliance.’

Dr Bagheri continues to utilise his findings to enhance the way LSST’s students understand effective forms of support and treatment for people with alcohol challenges and will be running workshops via LSST Events.

Find out more about Dr Bagheri’s study here:

Exploring Long Term Recovery Through the MOIMR Recovery Programme

A Feasibility Study of MOIMR

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