LSST Wembley Raises Awareness for World Mental Health Day 2023

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 11 October 2023


In a heartwarming and succouring gathering at LSST’s Wembley campus, the spirit of compassion and empathy took centre stage as students and staff raised awareness of World Mental Health Day 2023.

The event, organised by Ancuta Hapurne, Academic Engagement Officer at LSST Wembley, marked by tea, talks and meaningful connections, emphasised the fundamental message that ‘no one should bear the burden of mental health struggles alone’.

Olivia (l) and Stephanie (r) address LSST Wembley staff and students (Photo: LSST Wembley)

Amid the fragrant aroma of tea sailing through the air, LSST Wembley echoed with a simple yet profound message from Stephanie Pena Garcia, LSST’s Mental Health & Student Wellbeing Lead, on the importance of forging supportive connections: ‘LSST believes that every student should have the opportunity to establish at least one meaningful communication with either a staff member or a fellow student — a collaboration where they can freely discuss their mental health concerns.’

Tea and talk was used to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation (Photo: LSST Wembley)

At the heart of these conversations is the art of ‘empathetic communication’, added Olivia Stewart, LSST’s Disability, Learning Differences & Student Wellbeing Officer. The event shed light on crucial facets of effective dialogue, such as active listening, the significance of body language, and the essence of listening to understand, rather than merely responding.

Stephanie presents gleeful student winners certificates for participating in thematic games on the day (Photo: LSST Wembley)

‘LSST Wembley’s commitment to fostering these skills is a testament to its dedication to nurturing not only the academic growth but also the emotional well-being of its students,’ added Mohammad Haider, Academic Dean of LSST Wembley.


This year’s theme, ‘Mental Health is a universal right,’ served as a poignant reminder of the barriers that students face, which can profoundly affect their mental well-being. These hurdles include financial pressures, housing insecurities, the isolating grip of loneliness, employment concerns, and the weight of academic pressures, exemplified by deadlines. Most significantly, the event highlighted the often-unspoken fear of being perceived differently when seeking support for mental health concerns. The stigma surrounding mental health can deter students from approaching their lecturers and support staff.

In a notable stride towards destigmatising mental health issues, LSST Wembley staff reassured its students of the institution’s non-judgmental and impartial support systems. ‘These systems are designed to envelop students with empathy and compassion, fostering an environment where seeking assistance is a courageous step towards healing,’ added Stephanie Pena Garcia, LSST’s Mental Health & Student Wellbeing Lead.

At the time of writing, 70 pounds was raised for the Mental Health Foundation by LSST Wembley.


If you require immediate Mental Health & Wellbeing Support please contact NHS on 111 or visit

📞 Samaritans are available 24/7 for free on 116 123. 📱 Crisis Text Line are available 24/7, simply text SHOUT to 85258.


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