LSST wins bid for Lord Sugar’s prized table to raise £2,650 for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 5 August 2021

Lord Sugar (photo used with permission)

At LSST, our embedded ethos of ‘we can do better at doing good’, took an elevated turn when we entered an inventive bid from Lord Alan Sugar – British business magnate, BBC Apprentice host, author, politician, and political adviser – who creatively auctioned his prized table to raise money for Great Ormond Street Charity.


Speaking with LSST about the fruitful bid, Lord Sugar said: ‘This unique and artistic table sat in my lounge at home for many years and was always a remarkable conversation piece when visitors saw it. Somebody commented recently that it must be worth ‘a few bob’ and that triggered the thought that I could sell this much-loved item to raise money for my favourite charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital.


With that in mind, I put the table up for auction on Twitter and the good people of the London School of Science and Technology placed a generous winning bid. Many thanks to Mohammed Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO, as well as to Public Relations Manager Kunal Chan Mehta who transacted the deal.’


Lord Sugar’s much-loved table now sits at LSST’s Headquarters in Park Royal, London.


LSST’s Deputy CEO, Mr Mohammed Zaidi, added: ‘It is our pleasure to support Great Ormond Street Hospital and its ability to create a place where being sick does not always mean being sad. We sincerely commend Lord Sugar’s inventiveness and case-study sales pitch. The table radiantly sits in our head office and carries a beautiful legacy about it along with one of the best ice-breaking stories ever.’


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2 thoughts on “LSST wins bid for Lord Sugar’s prized table to raise £2,650 for Great Ormond Street Hospital”

  1. just a thought, will this table be displayed in university for the students of lsst to see and feel proud of?

    • Profession: student
  2. Incredible! Thank you everyone for your contribution to GOSH1
    This hospital is at the core of my heart and forever I will impact at my capacity.

    • Profession: Student

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