Apple ignites digital poster, podcast and video creativity in LSST Birmingham students

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 20 January 2020

LSST students showcasing their Apple certifications with Apple Creative Pros.
Photo: LSST

Global computing giant, Apple, ignites digital creativity in LSST Birmingham students during an exceptional private event hosted by Apple creatives at its flagship Birmingham store on 17 January 2020.

The event, coordinated by LSST’s marketing department, focused on skilled Apple staff training LSST students on poster creation for academic work, podcast creation for business and music editing for videos. Students went on to ask a series of thought-intensive questions about enhancing their own work for future business projects and concepts.

An Apple Creative Pro demonstrates music creation features for use on podcasts and videos. Photo: LSST

LSST Birmingham students learn about podcast creation. Photo: LSST

Vlad Vintu, a BA Business Management Foundation Year student, commenting on the event, said: ‘I am enormously grateful to the Apple staff as they ignited a creativity within me that I never knew I had. It was brilliant of Apple to host a private event for LSST students and to offer each one of us an irreplaceable Apple certificate. We can use what we have learned for both our academic work and careers.’

LSST Birmingham students listen to the music they have created for videos. Photo: LSST

Lana Salmon, a BA Business Management Y3 student, added: ‘The Apple staff we worked with were very talented and explained things very clearly. They really helped us learn how to make professional videos with music and posters to create professional effects. Many of us went in nervous but came out confident.’

LSST Birmingham students share video creation ideas. Photo: LSST

Mr Ali Jafar Zaidi, LSST’s Director of Marketing and Admissions, added: ‘Every student I’ve met at LSST is full of creativity. So, nurturing this is one of the most important things an educator can do. We feel that digital creativity makes our students better communicators and problem solvers. It prepares them to thrive in today’s business world — and that belonging to the future. In light of this, we look forward to working closely with Apple.’

Mohsin Riaz, Dean of LSST Birmingham, said: ‘Apple have humanised technology. I am comprehensively excited with the association between Apple and LSST. Apple is positively changing so many things by reinventing education and making substantial contributions to society and its communities.’

Apple Creative Pro staff with Lynnette Douglas, LSST’s Senior Welfare, Student Support and Careers Officer. Photo: LSST

Lynnette Douglas, LSST’s Senior Welfare, Student Support and Careers Officer, who attended the event, said: ‘I firmly believe that when students have more ways to express ideas, they have more ways to think. This allows them to see things differently and make connections that they perhaps would not have initially. Today’s Apple-led event has really ignited student creativity and enhanced their digital creative skills.’

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  1. Well done to my fellow LSST peers, my LSST family. You are all amazing and you deserve this! I am expert in coding and I thank Apple for giving me right tool to do this coding work for my LSST studies.

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  2. This is best thing ever. Well done to lsst friend in another campus.

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  3. Apple is very helpful and I enjoyed attending this event with my LSST peers and I wish to attend again more of this event in future.

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