Luton Mayor visits LSST’s Luton Campus

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 16 March 2017

Luton Mayor

The Luton Mayor, Cllr Tahir Khan, visited LSST’s Luton Campus to assure students and staff of his personal support for their positive contribution to the community.

Photo source: LSST Luton

The Mayor, outlining his responsibilities, addressed LSST Luton students and staff: ‘I am a great believer in education as one of life’s great stepping stones. We are always learning, so it’s never too late to learn.’ The Mayor went on to say: ‘I congratulate LSST for providing exemplary support platforms for its students.’

LSST Luton students learned about the importance and value of education from the Mayor. There was also advice on the upkeep of a sustained strong community spirit within the LSST Luton Campus. The Mayor, after a keynote presentation, took questions from students and went on to spend time with LSST Luton staff.

Mr Aqeel Syed, LSST Luton’s Associate Dean, said: ‘The Mayor’s visit is a tribute to the hard work of our students. The Mayor’s motivational message of community-cohesion has left a lasting sense of raised solidarity between our students and staff.’

Mr Ali Hamadani, LSST Luton’s Operations Manager, said: ‘The students really engaged with the Mayor and valued his kind support. Thus, events like this are very useful for our students because they develop into a useful network.’

Councillor Tahir Khan has been member of Luton Borough Council for over 10 years and has, upon his election, become the first Mayor of Luton from a Bangladeshi heritage. He is also on the Board of Directors at London Luton Airport Limited and has served as a school governor for over 15 years. His special interests include young people’s issues and providing opportunities for them to partake in positive activities.

Note from the Deputy CEO:

I express my sincerest thanks to the Luton Mayor, Cllr Tahir Khan, for visiting our Luton campus (Wed 15 March 2017). The Mayor’s encouraging words have left a lasting positive mark on LSST Luton and we look forward to future visits and strengthening our association.

The Mayor’s visit will not go in vain. I urge LSST Luton staff and students to take full heed in the advice and become a beacon of Higher Education within the Luton community.

I especially congratulate both students and staff for being such organised and welcoming hosts to the Mayor.

I applaud Mr Ali Jafar, LSST’s director of marketing and admissions, and his team for coordinating and supporting this event.

Mohammed Zaidi, Deputy CEO, LSST

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