About the Student Union

Who we are

The LSST Student Union is elected to represent all students and aids in ensuring that your time at School is fulfilling and unforgettable. All LSST students automatically become members of the Student Union when enrolled for their course of study. The SU is presently run by a full time Student Coordinator and (an elected) the SU President in conjunction with elected Student Representatives. Together we provide support, coordinate opportunities and campaign for the best interest of all LSST Students. We are confident in our outlook and direct in addressing concerns with School Management.


The LSST Student Union is a student led organisation. As elected representatives of the student body, we aim to ensuring your views and concerns are heard by School Management. This is achieved by:

Actively engaging, where ever possible, in key areas of the Schools Governance process. Presently the Student Union President or delegate Student Representative sits on the following committees:

  • Executive Committee,
  • Publications Committee,
  • Quality Committee,
  • Learning and Teaching Forum,
  • Course Committee,
  • Operations Committee,
  • Academic Support Panel,
  • Management Board,
  • Academic Board,
  • Operations Panel,
  • Programme Development,
  • Review Group

Obtaining student opinion on issues that negatively impact student life Maintaining the process the process of democracy and transparency ensuring the continuation of a structure of partnership between the Student Union and School Management.

We are committed to ensuring students are presented with every opportunity to develop themselves and make a difference in the world of work.

Becoming a member

As an LSST student, if you want to become a member of the Student Union during enrolment please tick the opt-in option on admissions forms. Membership is free of charge.

You can choose to opt out of Student Union membership by contacting our IT team (helpdesk@lsst.ac). If you have opted out you will be missing out on key information and events shared with the wider student body. You can opt back in at any time.


The LSST Student Union provides the framework for an on-campus community for everyone. With your help we will grow to become the centre of student life on campus ensuring the right balance between academic studies and extra-curricular activities is maintained. The Student Union works closely with LSST staff to ensure student success:

e. Governance and Documentation

Details of the Student Unions governance can be found in the Student Union Constitution document. Information on elections can be found in Section pages 10-12.