A deeper understanding of the NHS

Article Date | 24 March, 2023
Jennifer Stone presenting to LSST E&C students
  By Foteini Meleti, Career & Employability Officer at LSST Elephant & Castle .

On 22 March, LSST Elephant and Castle hosted the NHS, where Jennifer Stone, the Apprenticeships Relationship Manager, delivered an amazing presentation about NHS careers. The aim of this event was to provide the Level 5 and 6 Health students with a deeper understanding of the NHS and motivate students to take action and make a positive change in their lives after their graduation.

During the presentation, Jennifer introduced apprenticeships in the NHS and the benefits of apprenticeships for those interested in a career in healthcare. She explained the definition of an apprenticeship and how it differs from other forms of education and training. She provided examples of different types of NHS apprenticeships, such as clinical, administrative, support roles, nursing and occupation therapist.  Jennifer focused on the benefits of undertaking an NHS apprenticeship, such as earning a wage while learning on the job, gaining valuable work experience, and having the opportunity to progress into a permanent role within the NHS. She explained some information on the application process for NHS apprenticeships and roles, including eligibility criteria, how to search and apply for vacancies, and what to expect during the recruitment process.

Jennifer spoke with a Health Student about NHS Careers

Jennifer has been working for NHS for more than 20 years and she shared her experience on what it’s like to work in NHS, including the responsibilities and duties of the role, the support and training provided, and the opportunities for personal and professional development. She encouraged students to consider NHS apprenticeships as a pathway to a rewarding career in healthcare when they graduate. She identified key web pages where students can apply for jobs and she suggested that students start applying six months before they graduate.

Jennifer summarised the main points of the presentation and emphasised the roles that are available now.  She encouraged the audience to seek help if needed and provide resources for further information and support. It was robust of engagement from the students, with many asking interesting questions and taking notes throughout the session. LSST is eager to collaborate with Jennifer Stone as she expressed an interest in joining the LSST Careers fair in the future with healthcare ambassadors from NHS.

Jennifer Stone answers additional questions from students

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