Article Date | 2 February, 2022
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By Dr Natasha Katuta Mwila, Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University


Late last year, De Montfort University launched its new strategy as ‘The Empowering University’. This happily coincided with my privileged introduction to a woman that resonated with my connotations of what it means to be empowering, Jemelin Artigas.

I am a superfan of The Apprentice- and have not missed any season since it started. Jemelin, a previous contestant from the 2019 season, stands out. Her humble background, fierce determination and winning streak across the show’s production were a testament to her authenticity and business savviness. Post-apprentice, she has built her portfolio of businesses and continued to inspire and motivate others.

I decided to take advantage of my privileged introduction and went on to invite her to deliver a motivational talk to students on the business management programme at De Montfort University which I lead. I asked Jemelin to focus on the theme of empowerment and she delivered on that in heaps and bounds. Over the hour she graciously spent speaking with our students, I took note of 13 take away nuggets that could be embedded in our strategy towards cultivating empowerment within business management.

Nugget 1: Education is everything– in any form, in any way, keep learning

Nugget 2: Business is not about transactions– it’s about relationships

Nugget 3: Learn about finances– not just for business but for your life.

Nugget 4: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable– if you are not being challenged, you are not growing.

Nugget 5: Embrace your adversity– the more struggles you have, the better you are going to become.

Nugget 6: Have a journey that puts your mission before your commission– your success should not be limited to just a point in time, you should be driven by a problem-solving mission, go back to your why

Nugget 7: Be obsessed about your passion– business is tiring, you will have to keep trying

Nugget 8: You can always evolve– believe in yourself, visualise, it should happen in your head before it can happen anywhere

Nugget 9: Stop overthinking– there is no such thing as a perfect moment

Nugget 10: Practice gratitude– live in the now

Nugget 11: Mind your vibe– your vibe will always attract your tribe, don’t waste any energy on negativity, be a positive energy

Nugget 12: Don’t bubble up– Integrate with dissimilar others

Nugget 13: Don’t tell everyone your ideas– not everyone believes in you and you need to keep believing in yourself

These 13 nuggets provide an insight into how we can support our students on their empowerment journey so that they can succeed beyond their studies.

More importantly, they shed light on what our students can do for themselves and hopefully for others someday.

My sincere thanks go to Mr Kunal Chan Mehta, who introduced me to Jemelin and made this knowledge sharing possible.


  1. These are very good tips to keep in mind, thanks for sharing them.

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