What it is like to be a student at LSST? A student case study approach

Article Date | 4 July, 2023
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By Foteini Meleti, Career & Employability Coordinator  


Being a student at LSST offers a unique and fulfilling experience that sets the stage for personal and professional growth. At LSST, we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive and supportive environment that nurtures the aspirations of our students. But what is it like to be a student at LSST? In this article, we will examine various case studies to assist readers in identifying the answer.

As a student, you’ll have access to a diverse community of peers, dedicated faculty, and industry professionals who are passionate about your success. Our commitment to excellence in education is reflected in our modern facilities, wide-ranging learning resources, and innovative teaching methods. Whether you are pursuing a degree in business or health, you will benefit from an accredited curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Moreover, the vibrant student life at LSST offers numerous extracurricular activities, networking opportunities, and events that foster personal development and enhance your overall experience. As a student at LSST, you’ll embark on a transformative journey, gaining the skills, knowledge, and experiences that will shape your future and pave the way for a successful career in your chosen field.


Neaga Stejar – BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year

Neaga Stejar is a determined and hardworking student who enrolled at LSST to pursue a degree in Business Management. From the start, Neaga faced several challenges. Neaga has always wanted to be a higher education student and has always been filled with happiness and excitement as she began her degree. She had to balance a demanding course load with part-time work to support herself financially. Despite these obstacles, Neaga was determined to succeed.

She took advantage of the LSST’s resources and support by attending workshops, seeking help from lectures during office hours and booking appointments with academic support staff. She always maintained a consistent work ethic and set ambitious standards for herself. Being a LSST student was a life-changing experience for her as she went about to achieve her dreams and start her career in Hospitality as a hotel manager and in other similar roles.

With the help of LSST’s career hub, Neaga updated her CV and registered herself for internships and graduate schemes. Neaga was proud of her academic achievements and grateful for the personal growth she experienced at LSST. Currently, she has developed a strong network of mentors, friends, and industry professionals who supported her throughout her journey.


Florentino Montijano Garcia – BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year

Florentino was a student who joined the LSST in 2019 to study Business Management. His English level was not as high as he wanted it to be when he first joined, but this didn’t stop him as he had lots of drive and confidence and he sought lots of help from student support and peers to improve his academic communication skills. From the start, he was aware that he would accomplish his studies and fulfil his dreams. Although he struggled with his assignments while simultaneously working, Florentino chose to study Business Management as he aspired to have a career as an Investor Relations Officer and he kept focusing on his goal no matter what. During his studies at LSST, he started working as a Banking Administrator at BBVA Bank. Florentino applied all the knowledge he gained from his degree to his role and continued to learn new things every day. These experiences allowed Florentino to gain practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the banking world.

He acknowledges that without LSST, he would not have been able to achieve his career aspirations and progress as far as he has. Florentino would like to express his special gratitude to Eniana Gobuzi, the academic leader for the Business Course at LSST Elephant and Castle. During his first year, when he struggled with English fluency, Eniana provided invaluable encouragement and support. She assisted all the students throughout their academic journey, but Florentino appreciates her focus on developing strong academic writing skills, which she emphasised through recommended reading material. Florentino is currently applying for new job opportunities with the support of LSST’s Careers Hub, and he is hopeful that he will soon secure his dream job in Investor Relations.


Angela Pereira-Igwe  – BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science

Angela is a student who embarked on a journey to pursue a health and social care career. With a passion for helping others, Angela enrolled at LSST and began her studies in 2019. Angela struggled with her confidence.  The first years were very challenging for her, as she had to juggle her personal life as a mother along with her assignments as well as her self-esteem. However, her desire to be a great example for her kids gave her strength and motivation to persevere in her studies. Angela enjoyed her time at LSST and felt a sense of security in herself. From the start, she had a clear understanding of the career path she wanted to pursue, and she recognised the significance of her degree for her future in the field of diabetes management.

Recognising the need to overcome her doubts, Angela sought guidance from her lecturers. She personally wants to thank Alex Kaiser, Floyd Manderson, and Dr Maria Bastos for their continuous support throughout these years and their unwavering faith in her abilities. They played a crucial role in helping her build her confidence. They consistently supported her and checked in on her progress through emails, providing her with valuable guidance. Angela also worked closely with the academic support team for extra assignment assistance and utilised student support services when needed. She witnessed her progress in her studies and eventually graduated.

As her skills improved, Angela, with the help of the Careers Hub, was promoted to Diabetes expert in her workplace. She takes great pride in her accomplishments. Her advice to new students is to never give up on their dreams as there is always a way to fulfill them.


Christian Olife – BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science

Christian decided to embark on an extraordinary journey of pursuing a career in health and social care. Studying had been challenging for Christian when he was younger due to frequent travel. However, his decision to return to education was not without challenges. LSST allowed him to fulfil his dream and graduate in Health and Social Sciences. Christian was filled with excitement to pursue this degree from the outset and put forth his best efforts in every possible way.

Christian stated that being a student at the LSST was a great experience as he had the opportunity to meet new people and enhance his skills. Pursuing a degree in health and social science opened numerous employment opportunities for him. His skills improved significantly, and his confidence grew. Christian discovered that his life experiences provided him with a unique perspective and a wealth of wisdom to contribute to classroom discussions, fueling his desire to learn more. He always had a strong desire to give back to the community and support those around him. Throughout these years of study, he also made significant progress in his English language skills. Floyd Manderson and other lecturers encouraged him not to give up and supported him in completing the demanding work. Christian expresses gratitude to LSST’s E&C Academic Support team, as without their coaching and motivation, he would not have been able to submit his dissertation.

Christian now wants to pursue a master’s degree. He encourages all new students to work closely with their lecturers and seek support, as the lecturers are more than happy to discuss any thoughts they may have. Christian is grateful for the guidance he received throughout his journey until graduation.

In conclusion, as highlighted by the mini student case studies, being a student at LSST  is an enriching experience filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. With a supportive environment and dedicated team, LSST provides a conducive learning environment that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in their chosen fields. Additionally, the vibrant student life and extracurricular activities foster a sense of community, networking, and personal development. LSST offers a transformative journey that prepares students for a bright future and empowers them to achieve their goals.


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