BBC Apprentice star and Mumpreneur Jemelin Artigas Inspires LSST Aston Students with Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Talk

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 25 May 2023

The former BBC Apprentice star speaks about the specific obstacles business leaders face and how best to overcome them.

LSST Aston students were treated to an enthralling talk on empowerment and entrepreneurship by Jemelin Artigas - a former BBC Apprentice contestant and mumpreneur.


‘It was such a pleasure to speak with LSST’s inspiring Aston students,’ said Jemelin. When asked about her approach to overcoming business challenges, Jemelin confidently said:  ‘To achieve success, it's important to become comfortable with the idea of failing because that's where we gain valuable lessons. In fact, the more we fail, the more we learn. So, it's not really a failure, after all.’

Engaging and enriching: Jemelin outlines the issues she faced in business and how she overcame them (Image: LSST)


Meena Bibi, a Health and Social Science student at LSST Aston who attended the event, said: ‘Jemelin’s visit brought a wave of mindset-centred inspiration and empowerment to us all and highlighted the importance of self-belief and entrepreneurship.’

Mohsin Riaz, Dean of LSST Birmingham, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, highlighting its positive impact on students' self-development. He emphasised the valuable insights and fresh perspectives that the event brought to the students, aligning with LSST's commitment to providing a comprehensive learning journey: ‘Jemelin's advice on overcoming personal and professional barriers helped offer our students workable strategies to broaden their vision and cultivate a positive mindset.’

Dr Maryam Shehu Idris-Usman, Coordinator of LSST's Research Centre, added: ‘Her remarkable journey, combined with her dynamic presence, left an indelible mark on the aspiring student leaders in attendance.’

Jemelin and LSST Aston colleagues: Inspired by her family, Jemelin decided she was not done being a leader (Image: LSST)


By discussing her challenges, setbacks, and eventual triumphs, Jemelin reminded students that their dreams and aspirations were within reach, regardless of their background or circumstances.  Lynnette Douglas, LSST’s Student Support Lead, posited: ‘As our students embark on their own paths to success, they will undoubtedly draw upon the lessons learned from Jemelin’s visit. Her contagious energy and passion ignited a fire within their hearts, fuelling their drive to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.’

All smiles: Jemelin with Shugufta Javed, Health Course Coordinator, LSST Aston (Image: LSST)


Jaspreet Kaur,  a Health & Social Science Student at LSST Aston, commented: ‘Jemelin emphasised the significance of empowerment and its role in shaping the future generation of leaders. She stressed the importance of fostering self-belief, encouraging us to embrace our unique talents and skills and channel them towards achieving our goals.’

Ashbel Ndewere, Business and Management Team Lead at LSST Aston, added: ‘With her passionate words on learning from failure and unwavering determination in the face of severe hardship, she instilled a sense of empowerment and motivated everyone to overcome obstacles with resilience.’


A Journey of Triumph

Jemelin, a standout from BBC's Apprentice series 15, has a journey that is nothing short of extraordinary. She transitioned from a period of homelessness to establishing successful events and working on acclaimed films like Fury (2014), alongside renowned actors Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, and Michael Pena. Currently, Jemelin is not only authoring a book about her remarkable story but is also engaged in multiple exciting TV projects, signalling that her journey is only just beginning.

“The advice I give to students is to always do the right thing for you.’’ Jemelin Artigas


See Jemelin’s clips from BBC The Apprentice – Season 15 here:

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