BBC Apprentice star Jemelin Artigas visits LSST Elephant & Castle students to talk about entrepreneurship

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 20 February 2020

BBC Apprentice star, entrepreneur, public figure and actress Jemelin Artigas received a very warm welcome when she visited LSST’s Elephant and Castle Campus on 18 February 2020.

Jemelin Artigas (l) interviewed by Kunal Chan Mehta (r), LSST’s Senior PRO, on her current work and future aspirations

Recently winning the nation’s heart on BBC’s The Apprentice, Jemelin inspired students with her successful network marketing business and bespoke entrepreneurship guidance.

Watch the event highlights here:

Jemelin Artigas is presented with a perfume gift and learns about student business start ups

Jemelin, who appeared in series 15 of the show and was named by LSST students as their favourite Apprentice candidate of all time, is currently writing a book on her incredible journey that started from homelessness through to setting up successful events’ applications to working on films such as Fury (2014) alongside Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Michael Pena. Jemelin outlined that she is currently working on several films and that she is only just getting started.

Jemelin Artigas on set with Michael Pena (Photo: Jemelin Artigas, used with permission)

LSST’s Student Union Coordinator, Loxandra Goldings, said: ‘Every student has been captivated by Jemelin’s clear-cut business focus and energy. Jemelin is an ambassador for entrepreneurship and equal rights and I thank everyone at LSST for putting together such a worthwhile and well-organised event.’

An emotional Jemelin Artigas is presented with flowers and praise from LSST students
Jemelin Artigas is thanked by students for her detailed and inspiring answers

Jemelin talked with LSST students about her time on the BBC Apprentice and what it taught her, she said: ‘No matter what you do in life, make sure you do it to the best of your ability – and that the key ingredients for being successful in business are to remain patient, resilient and motivated.’

Jemelin Artigas with Dr Marta Hawkins, LSST’s Associate Dean and SU representatives Loxandra Goldings (far left) and Mimi Zinga (far right)
Jemelin Artigas with LSST Elephant and Castle staff

Jemelin, whose mantra in life is ‘don’t have problems, have solutions’, said: ‘LSST students are our future and they really inspired me with their business ideas and impressive thought-intensive questions on succeeding in life. They have a genuine and strong passion for academia and possess many important work-ready skills.’

Students praise Jemelin Artigas for being an ambassador for equal rights and empowerment

LSST’s Deputy CEO, Mr Mohammed Zaidi, said: ‘Yet again LSST students have showcased their electrifying business proposals and practice to industry professionals. It clearly has been a very exciting and memorable event and we are all absolutely delighted with how helpful and motivating Jemelin has been to our students.’

Whilst at LSST, Jemelin discussed her forthcoming LSST blog which will focus on entrepreneurship skills and her desire to return to LSST for additional events.

See Jemelin’s clips from BBC The Apprentice – Season 15 here:

Jemelin Artigas takes a selfie with thrilled LSST SU representative Mimi Zinga
Jemelin Artigas smiles during a selfie with a delighted student
Jemelin Artigas makes time for photos with every student

LSST students – join the conversation and comment below. What did you learn from Jemelin’s entrepreneurship visit?

Please email for any questions or comments or to find out more about applying to BBC’s The Apprentice.

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