Liliana Andronie takes reins as LSST’s Student Union President

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 29 March 2023

The new Student Union President is eager to leave her mark on LSST

LSST is thrilled to announce the election of Liliana Andronie as its new Student Union President. After an intense campaign process, the votes have now been counted, and everyone is delighted to welcome the incoming leader of LSST’s student body. 


As the new Student Union President, Liliana - who is also studying business at LSST Luton – stated she planned to prioritise several key areas to improve student life across each LSST campus: ‘I am hugely honored and proud to be elected for this vital role. I am immediately working on increasing the diversity and inclusion initiatives and advocating further for student mental health and wellbeing services.’ Liliana added she wants to ‘enable better dialogue and understanding’ between student groups and departments by strengthening student engagement and communication channels. 


Speaking about the appointment, Mr. Ali Jafar, LSST’s Deputy CEO, commented: ‘Our new Student Union President is a superb individual who has shown strong leadership along with a sound commitment to LSST student welfare and extracurricular activities.’  
Mr. Aqeel Syed, Dean of Academics at LSST Luton, added: ‘With her strong experience in numerous student roles, Liliana has the knowledge, skills, and passion to lead the student union effectively and represent the student community's interests.’  


Dr. George Panagiotou, LSST’s Principal, said: ‘The incoming President's vision for the Student Union associates perfectly with the current student body's goals and aspirations. Her dedication and innovative approach will undoubtedly help the union to become more dynamic and responsive in fulfilling its mission of serving LSST student interests.’ 


As we welcome our new Student Union President, LSST acknowledges the outstanding contributions of the outgoing president Irina Barariu. Her untiring efforts, leadership, and commitment to LSST’s Student Union have set the bar high for the incoming president. We thank Irina for her contribution and look forward to her continued involvement in the LSST student community. 


To learn more about how the student union will continue to make a positive impact on the student experience at LSST visit:   

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