LSST Aston hosts Campus Awards and Achievement Ceremony for Academic Year 2022-23

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 25 September 2023

LSST Aston’s Student Support Team with their awards (standing l – r) Ulfat Raza (Library Tutor), Salma Bi (Wellbeing Office), Aleksandra Sroka (Senior Student Support Officer), Lynnette Douglas (Student Support Lead), Aamir Mahmood (Student Support Officer), Ahmad Kashif (IT Team Lead) and (sitting l-r) Athar Ramzan (IT Support Engineer), Roland Iuga (IT Support Engineer) and Emily Shum (Receptionist). Photo: LSST Aston

In a vibrant display of unity and achievement, LSST Aston played host to an uplifting event that reverberated through every corner of our organisation. This gathering wasn’t just a gathering; it was a heartfelt expression of gratitude to our exceptional staff for their unwavering dedication throughout the academic year 2022-23.

The occasion was not confined to mere thanksgiving, it was also a warm embrace extended to our new colleagues, a symbolic gesture that marked the commencement of a new academic journey.

At the heart of it all was Mr Mohsin Riaz, Dean of LSST Birmingham. With passion, he guided his team through a retrospective journey of the past year, reminding everyone of the pivotal role played in delivering exceptional student experiences at LSST.

During the event, Mohsin recognised the dedication of LSST Aston staff, presenting them with well-deserved certificates of appreciation and trophies. Their tireless efforts have been instrumental in shaping our shared success.

The room erupted in applause when the Student Support Team was crowned Team of the Year. This honour underscores the incredible power of teamwork that thrives at LSST Aston and across LSST.

LSST award winners share their reflection on the academic year 2022-23 and appreciate LSST’s Senior Management for their support and recognition. Photo: LSST Aston.

Mohsin reaffirmed the vital roles played by Aston Campus and the broader LSST community in ‘nurturing student growth and achievement’. Mohsin added: ‘LSST stands as a steadfast pillar of support and enlightenment, touching countless lives.’

LSST Aston’s award ceremony hosted over 100 staff members who all enthusiastically learned about LSST’s progress over the past 12 months from Mr Mohsin Riaz, Dean of LSST Birmingham.

In his closing words, Mohsin expressed gratitude to every member of our organisation. He reminded us that our cross-campus collective dedication and commitment continue to shape students’ lives in profound ways.

As we stand on the threshold of Academic Year 2023-24, let us celebrate this event as a symbol of unity and excellence that transcends every department and division. Together, we embark on a new academic chapter, poised for another year of incredible accomplishments and unwavering commitment to our honourable mission of supporting individuals of all backgrounds, abilities and aspirations.

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