LSST Business Lecturer invited to BBC World Service analogue v digital debate

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 24 September 2018

L-R: Colin Grant, BBC Producer for the Click, stands with LSST’s Business Lecturer, Eniana Gobuzi and LSST’s Senior Lecturer and Public Relations Officer, Kunal Chan Mehta
Photo source: LSST 2018


LSST is delighted to announce that its Business Lecturer, Eniana Gobuzi, participated in a BBC World Service Click Show debate. The programme focused on the latest rise in the popularity of analogue culture in a post-digital world.

The debate brought together innovators and musicians such as Stephen Mallinder from Cabaret Voltaire and Rachel Chinouriri an upcoming performer and recent graduate of the famed Brit School and highlighted the increasing demand for older analogue technologies that provide a tactile physical experience that the digital world can not.

Photo source: LSST 2018


Eniana Gobuzi, LSST Business Lecturer, said: ‘Being part of this debate was a great experience and I was really inspired by the BBC World Service team. Eniana went on to say: ‘Digital is not always better and the demand for physical analogue experiences are rapidly increasing to replace what a digital world has tried to remove. For most LSST students, the digital era is a part of everyday life but it seems this gives us all ownership – but nothing to physically touch or own.’

Answering questions from LSST, Colin Grant, the show’s producer, said: ‘We always need an analogue-yin to our digital-yang! I’m delighted that many companies are now embracing the demand for physical analogue experiences and this will be more obvious in the future.’

Staff at the BBC World Service commended LSST on its partnerships with The University of West London, London Metropolitan University and Buckinghamshire New University.

Renata Carvalho, LSST’s SU President, said: ‘We are all part and parcel of a digital world but analogue is making a comeback as part of a cultural revolution.’

Mr Syed Zaidi, LSST’s Founder and CEO, added: ‘I take this opportunity to thank the BBC World Service for this unique opportunity. It was an immense honour for LSST to partake in Colin Grant’s last show, as producer, for the BBC. We all wish him every success and happiness for the future.’

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Do you prefer physical analogue or digital options – or both?

9 thoughts on “LSST Business Lecturer invited to BBC World Service analogue v digital debate”

  1. Well done LSST!
    I will definitely listen. Digital was what i’m used to. But I would love to see what a VHS looks like and listen to my parents records and see/hear the difference. I am just too fussy about getting everything and setting it up.

    • Profession: student
  2. You need both. That is why digital tech is trying so hard to be like the real world. Makes me crazy to think that the digital world is actually worked on in an analogue world!

    • Profession: Student
  3. There needs to be a balance. Artificial intelligence is that balance. 3d holograms will bridge gaps too.

    • Profession: Student in computing
  4. I am really proud of these people. I am impressed also that I can debate here. I want to share that in my view we need to return to analogue as this way we can pass things onto our children and families. Digital gets lost and there is no value in this. I am informed that APPLE do not allow you to pass on your iTunes account after you pass away!!!

    • Profession: Retail and student
  5. I like this debate and have emailed lecturer and my view is also that you need both analogue and digital. I also listened to the show and found very good information that I was not aware before.

    • Profession: Computing

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