LSST celebrates its 2017 UWL graduates

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 26 July 2017

Graduation ceremonies, with LSST’s university partners, formulate only the proudest moments of the LSST academic calendar.

Article date: Wed 26 July2017
Photo Source: LSST London

Today’s grand graduation ceremony, at the spectacular site of Wembley Stadium, marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for LSST’s UWL business and computing 2017 graduates.

The ceremony is a collective time for celebrating the passion and commitment championed by LSST’s students across the country. As a national university community college, LSST is honoured by all of its students’ accomplishments and holds that its collective student effort improves year on year.

Mr Syed Zaidi, CEO and Founder of LSST, announced: ‘I personally congratulate our UWL graduates on reaching this significant milestone. As you celebrate your graduation and consider your next steps in a world of new-fangled and exciting opportunities, remember LSST will always be on hand to provide guidance and support in shaping your promising career.’
Mr Mohammed Zaidi, Deputy CEO of LSST, added: ‘Please take time to reflect on your successes today and, on behalf of the entire team at LSST, I wish to offer you my warmest congratulations and wish you every success for a clearly promising future.’
Dr George Panagiotou, Principal and Head of Quality, said: ‘Today is a special day that is the culmination of the years of dedicated study at LSST. We hope that you will remember your journey with us for the rest of your lives.’ The Principal added: ‘The achievement of a degree is one that is rarely managed without the support of those nearest to us. We also stand united by a shared sense of pride in your achievement and look forward to you joining the LSST alumni community. On behalf of everyone here at LSST, I wish you every success for the future.’
Valerica Balauca, a graduate in BA Business Studies (Top-up), said: ‘I had such an amazing three year vocational journey at LSST. I put in lots of hard work and was always motivated by LSST’s amazing lecturers. I will now endeavour to create a success full time career and will continue to stay in touch with LSST.’
Commenting on UWL’s approach and hospitality, Mr Ali Jafar, LSST’s Marketing and Admissions Director, said: ‘UWL have created a bespoke graduation ceremony in one of the most spectacular and historical settings in the country. We are both grateful and thankful for UWL’s kind hospitality and championed approach to treating LSST’s staff and students as part of its own fabric. Our students and staff have really benefitted from today’s event and it clearly left behind a motivating legacy.’

This year’s UWL graduations come at the end of an astounding period for LSST in which it has achieved its highest number of student applications across its London, Luton and Birmingham campuses and has become one of the most industry-connected and recognised HE providers in the country.

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