LSST launches its first research symposium at its Aston campus

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 19 May 2022

Symposium organisers and staff presenters with the Principal and Senior Team.


LSST’s Aston (Birmingham) campus has launched and hosted its first research symposium to provide an interdisciplinary platform for student and staff researchers to discuss and debate the latest insights and innovations in research. Attended by 200 participants, the symposium titled – Defining Pedagogy and Andragogy for Inclusion and Widening Participation – also featured a mix of workshops to focus on future research initiatives.

Mr Ali Jafar, LSST’s Deputy CEO, affirming LSST’s commitment and plans to promote research, said: ‘LSST’s Research Symposium was an opportunity and space for staff and students to produce and present a research abstract or poster to researcher colleagues. I am extremely proud and delighted with the student and staff presentations and am certain that their research will extend to strong and sustained societal outcomes.’

Students and staff presenters with the Principal and Senior Team.


Mr Mohsin Riaz, Dean of LSST’s Aston campus, shed light on the significance of scholarly activities in teaching and learning in Higher Education: ‘We had 11 academic colleagues identifying the need to respond to the changing higher education dynamics since the pandemic began and each highlighted the urgent need to design, evaluate and enhance the quality of learning and teaching activities through their empirical and analytical research.’

Lynnette Douglas, a Senior Student Support Officer at LSST Aston, who acted as Chairperson for the symposium, added: ‘We had a very strong turnout and we all jointly congratulated the Symposium Committee and presenters for such a successful event that offered an exciting opportunity for Final Year students to present what they have learned through their research in an academic setting.’

The presentations and submissions were judged by Mr Aqeel Syed, Dean of LSST Luton, Mr Mohammad Haider, Dean of LSST Wembley Central and Dr Wendy Wigley, Head of Student Lifecycle and Partnership Manager.

Dr George (Principal), Lynnette (Senior Welfare, Disability and Student Support Officer) and Dr Wendy (Head of Student Lifecycle and Partnership Manager) smile at the symposium stand
Student Hina Jabeen presents on physical activity and wellbeing before and during lockdown


Dr George Panagiotou, the Principal of LSST, was delighted to present a series of prizes and praised all those involved for the inspirational and informative event who brought together scholarly outputs from students and their teachers.

Paper Presentations:

Paper 1 Kelly Omosigho: The adoption of the change kaleidoscope model in understanding the impact of fire safety transformation projects

Paper 2 Dr Kaiying Li: Sustainability practices in SMEs

Paper 3 Dr Maryam Shehu Idris-Usman: In the wake of COVID-19: The impact of the digital learning approach on students from the widening participation background

Paper 4 Dr. Chinedu (Ned) Uwabuike: Impact of LMX relationship on employee psychological contract: A study on experiences of Higher Education Graduate Trainees

Paper 5 Dr Mustafa Kasim & Abdulkarim Fahad: Measuring the relationship between corporate governance and disclosure of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Evidence from the UK higher education Sector

Paper 6 Ms. Freshta Amanulla: The impact of group formation: student self-selection vs tutor group selection methods in the success of group work within higher education

Paper 7 Dr Manal Matough: The practices of dissertation supervision that support the widening participation agenda: An exploratory pilot study

Paper 8 Dr Bartholomew Eze: Impact of formative assessment on summative assessment performance: Learners’ perspectives

Paper 9 Michael Olusegun Demehin: Reinventing work placement in social care education post Covid-19: A necessity for blending theory and practice

Paper 10 Dr Muhammad Haque: Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) within Western Europe by mainland China and Hong Kong firms and vice versa

Paper 11 Dr Charles Boadi: An investigation of how cultural dimensions influence students’ achievements in secondary schools in London

Paper 12 Zulkiffel Ali: Reflections on marketing innovation for business.

Poster Presentations (Final Year students)

Poster 1 Sahila Kauser (BNU Business): SME’s and the use of social media for survival and growth

Poster 2 Sharmine Akhtar (BNU Business): Reward approaches in managing employee motivation in contemporary retail organisations: A case study of Tesco

Poster 3 Hafsa Bibi (BNU Business): The use of e-commerce new features to stay competitive in the market: A case study of Amazon

Poster 4 Carren Henry (BNU HASS): Will new interventional strategies for mental health awareness improve students’ experience in higher education?

Poster 5 Vimalanathan Rasadurai (UWL): Human Resource Management Practices

Poster 6 Rachael Noah (UWL): Marketing – The Problem with Fashion

Poster 7 Nicoleta Epure (UWL): Human Resource Management and Employee retention

Poster 8 Ali Kuamadio (UWL): Response of SMEs to COVID19 disruption implication for the UK

Poster 9 Elena Mitroihr (UWL): HR Practices and Employee Engagement

Poster 10 Arlindo Almeida (UWL): The role of CSR on organizational competitiveness: A case study of John Lewis Partnership

Poster 11 Hina Jabeen (BNU HASS): Physical Activity and wellbeing before and during COVID-19 lockdown

Poster 12 Mario Semi (UWL): Digital marketing as a promotional tool.

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