LSST Writing Competition 2022 winners revealed by CNN and Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 25 August 2022

(l-r) Competition winners Bill Piper, Chompa Rahman and Irina Barariu with panellist Richard Greene, Director of Content at CNN in London.


The winners have been announced from an innovative writing competition set up by LSST with panellists from CNN and Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change in which students were invited to showcase writing skills for non-specialist audiences.

Chompa Rahman, a LSST Luton Business student, Bill Piper, a LSST Aston Business Management student and Irina Barariu, LSST’s Student Union President, based at LSST Aston, have won LSST’s Writing Competition 2022.

(l-r) Anchoring in at CNN London: Kunal Chan Mehta, LSST’s PR Manager and competition organiser, with student winners Chompa Rahman, Irina Barariu and Bill Piper.


Rahman, wins £500 for her article on the outlook for a post-pandemic world. Piper wins £250 for his article on how governments can use technology to improve lives and Barariu wins £100 for her article on technological advancements in public and commercial sectors.

Rahman said she was ‘honoured and moved’ to the win first prize and shared her profound gratitude for the panellists, adding that ‘CNN and Tony Blair’s Institute were both pivotal and inspirational.’  Barariu and Piper praised LSST for the generous prize funds from LSST’s Senior Management and competition processes that included detailed writing guides and competition guides.

Ali Jafar, LSST’s Deputy CEO, speaking about the winners, said: ‘The scope of creative thinking in the entries was remarkable and there was a strong sense of research and originality. Without a doubt, the competition has boosted the confidence and will bolster the careers of the winners.’

The panellists praised the ‘sheer skill and intensity of thought’ of the winning entries and commended LSST students for making their writing ‘accessible’.

Panellist Richard Greene, Director of Content at CNN in London, who invited the winners to a meeting at CNN London, said: ‘It was a pleasure to have the contest winners visit CNN. Meeting them in person after reading the winning articles was a great way to put faces not only with a name but their exciting ideas.’

Panellist Brianna Miller, a Researcher - and writer - at The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, added: ‘Congratulations to all of the winners. Every submission I read was well-written and full of innovative and insightful ideas. It was a pleasure reading all the entries and working with LSST throughout this inspiring and well organised competition.’

(l-r) Bill Piper, Kunal Chan Mehta, Richard Greene, Chompa Rahman and Irina Barariu at CNN London.


Over 420 students across LSST’s London, Luton and Birmingham campuses took part. The winning entries will soon be made available on LSST blogs and poster displays.

The student winners are currently working with Kunal Chan Mehta, LSST’s PR Manager, on writing skill blogs, creative writing webinars and academic writing presentations. They will also be invited as sub-panellists for future LSST writing competitions.

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  1. Irina, Rahman and Piper, warmest congratulations on your achievement! Wishing you even more success in the future.

    • Profession: Lecturer in Business
  2. Irina, Rahman and Piper,

    Congrats on such an amazing achievement! keep writing and keep winning. Make LSST Proud.
    Wish you all sucess in your future endeavors.

    • Profession: Lecturer in Business

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