LSST’s Deputy CEO launches Graduate Trainee Lecturer Scheme

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 17 June 2021

LSST’s Deputy CEO, Mr Mohammed Zaidi, launches his welcomed and highly anticipated Graduate Trainee Lecturer Scheme for 2021. The scheme, accommodating 30 recruits at a yearly operating cost of over £900,000, spans across LSST’s London, Luton and Birmingham campuses.

‘This scheme is for highly motivated LSST graduates who are looking to launch a stimulating and varied academic career at an organisation that they already know and admire,’ said Mr Mohammed Zaidi, outlining the widely supported initiative. ‘Strategically, the scheme is aimed at recruiting from our highly talented student base and, in turn, this initiative further supports our workforce diversification.’

The full-time position of a Graduate Trainee Lecturer enables graduates to progressively train as lecturers with a highly competitive salary bracket of £26,000 – £30,000 a year, along with a teaching qualification (PGCE in Higher Education) that LSST pay for in full. Further, through comprehensive mentoring from senior lecturers across LSST, Graduate Trainee’s will undertake and develop the skills and attributes of a qualified lecturer. Upon completion of the rewarding two-year training programme, Trainees will also contribute to student support and the development of innovative teaching practices across LSST to progress to a full-time lecturer.

‘The scheme is widely praised by current LSST students and staff because it will introduce additional layers of value into our academic structure. It provides better growth opportunities for everyone,’ said Irina Barariu, LSST’s Student Union President. ‘Many of our students are surrounded by inspirational lecturers who are passionate about the power of education to change lives for the better.’

‘LSST staff have been there for me as a student, Student Union President and now as a Trainee Lecturer in Business at LSST’s Elephant and Castle campus,’ said former LSST Student Union President, Renata Oliveira Carvalho, who appears on the scheme’s campaign posters. ‘The Graduates that LSST will hire can expect outstanding hands-on work experience with real responsibility and mentoring to support their development for a well-rounded and structured career.’

Graduate Trainee interviews will take place w/c 26th July 2021 and the start date is scheduled for 1st September 2021.

For queries or an informal discussion about the position, please email Syed Rizvi, Dean of Learning and Teaching, on or apply directly via

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  1. It is truly an amazing initiative and a great opportunity for graduates who wants to embark in this academic journey.

    • Profession: Teacher assistant
  2. LSST will pay up to £1000 towards PGCE, NOT full. Please correct the contents on this page

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