When the LSST student becomes the lecturer

Kunal Chan Mehta

By Kunal Chan Mehta | Article Date: 16 September 2021

The warmest welcome from Levy Ndongala, Trainee Business Lecturer, positioned at our LSST Elephant and Castle (London) campus


Transition points in life, such as graduating, can be a watershed moment in transforming your career. This is exactly what happened for Mr Levy Kiazayila Ndongala, a former LSST business student who became a Trainee Business Lecturer via LSST’s Graduate Trainee Lecturer Scheme, launched by Mr Mohammed Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO.

When Levy left LSST in 2015, after studying business, he had little idea that he would be back again, but this time on the other side of the lecturer’s podium.

‘Upon graduating, you never really leave LSST. As an alumnus, you stay in touch with friends, staff and just never stop talking about the life changing experiences on your course. But when I saw the Deputy CEO’s Graduate Trainee Lecturer Scheme, I positively knew I wanted to return and give something back – in a big way,’ said Levy.

lsst ec
Levy’s smile expresses his pride and joy about his full-circle journey at LSST


‘I am so fortunate that students see having a lecturer who has also experienced the journey they are going through as a real advantage. To be honest, I know what they are going through and how hectic and overwhelming studying can be.’ Levy added with a serious yet gratified look on his face: ‘I always remind my students that I made it out okay on the other side, and you will too.’

‘At LSST, pushing the boundaries of knowledge is still our ecstatic obsession and we celebrate student development committedly. As educators, we also value learning-by-doing. This is what inspired me as an LSST student and now, equally, as a member of staff.’

Speaking from his LSST Elephant & Castle office, overlooking the spectacular Shard and the colossus Canary Wharf skyline, Levy explained: ‘Lecturers have an enormous impact on how much their students earn as graduates and, by extension, on the country’s economy. We really have to focus strategically, rather tactically, on the wide benefits of graduating.’

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Levy praising LSST’s Deputy CEO’s Graduate Trainee Scheme for propelling his academic career


Ever since he was a child, Levy loved lecturing


The newly-minted Trainee Business Lecturer, who obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business Management, an MBA and is in current pursuit of starting a PhD, can trace his passion for lecturing back to when he was a child, trying to keep up with his friends. ‘I just loved people listening to me – rather than others – so I could be in the spotlight,’ laughed Levy.

Asked about what was rewarding about the LSST lecturing role, Levy replied: ‘Whenever a student comes to see me and wants to reflect on something covered in a lecture you see their character coming to the surface and developing. It is extremely satisfying to witness.’

‘For me, LSST is barrier remover. They unlocked my barriers to study business and then later to become a lecturer. Now it is just for me to show my LSST peers that I am a really passionate and creative lecturer with lots more to offer.’

Mr Mohammed Zaidi, LSST’s Deputy CEO, commenting on Levy’s progress, said: ‘Levy is to be commended for his monumental journey from student to trainee lecturer at LSST. He demonstrates sound lecturing practices that elevates students to a level where they learn profoundly and remarkably. He pays a full tribute to his former LSST Lecturer teaching styles.’

Interested in a strong career in higher education at LSST? Here are Levy’s top five pieces of advice:

  1. Maintain your link with LSST’s academic world – Keep in touch with LSST lecturers. I did. They have so many vital experiences and so much know-how. It would be a total waste to not learn from such a varied academic body.

  2. Get blogging and engage on LSST’s social media – Simply come up with ideas that interest you and would be interesting to LSST website visitors. Once your blog is published, you will feel very proud and will create a perfect ice-breaker for your students. Also, engaging on social media shows that you are taking an active and meaningful interest in the company that you work for.

  3. Believe in yourself – We are never too old or too young to learn or obtain experience. Anything is possible. I am testimony to that. I always wanted to teach but never thought I would until I started to believe in myself.

  4. Keep learning – Always safely visit the LSST library and online journals! Keep reading articles from the LSST website and keep notes of what you have learned.

  5. From theory to practice – Take continuous, small and meaningful steps in creating value from your theoretical underpinning for students by showing them how it converts into real-world value. This theory-to-practice mindset will take your students towards their goals more effectively.

Find out more about LSST’s Graduation Scheme here


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  1. We are proud of you and your achievements and indeed your knowledge has been vital to us. Well done!!

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  2. Its very inspirational and challenging reading of what you have achieved throughout your academic years at Lsst and how you could shift from one side to another. I’am happy for you, and you are a good example of everything is possible for those whom believe. Well done brother, shine more.

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