Growth and Achievement: My Journey as a Business Management student at LSST

Article Date | 18 May, 2023
By Bujar Krasniqi, Admissions Officer, LSST Elephant and Castle Campus

My journey at LSST started four years ago when I registered for the BA Business Management degree. As a newly founded student, I had challenging experiences as I had to make life-changing decisions, set goals, and work towards my academic achievements to fulfil my passions. I have always been inspired by LSST staff and find that admissions teams in higher education are so vital as they form the first impression of the organisation. Here I share my journey and lessons learned from being a student at LSST and now someone who welcomes LSST prospects – talk about full circle!

Despite initial challenges, I found solace in choosing to study Business Management after thorough research and self-reflection. LSST’s support was invaluable in this journey. Though sharpening my thinking skills initially proved challenging, consistent practice led to gradual improvement, making it easier with time.

During the last four years, I had the opportunity to learn and engage with business materials by reading books, attending classes, and participating in discussions with my lecturers, as well as other staff. I had the chance to study business strategy, learn to analyse data and make informed decisions. Through my assignments, I worked on case studies, participated in consultancy simulations, and completed projects that apply business principles to real work scenarios. All this requires discipline and time management skills to balance with other responsibilities – great things to tell any interviewer! It involves a significant amount of demanding work dedication and perseverance, but also offered many opportunities for personal growth and development.

My Business Management degree was designed to prepare me for a wide range of careers in the business world. While I was a student, I started my professional career working as a student ambassador and, based on my satisfactory performance, they offered me an admissions officer role. This experience was challenging and rewarding. The busiest periods were demanding as I had to manage multiple tasks and prioritise my workload effectively.

Being part of the LSST family is unique. The transition to a professional role within the campus was more comfortable and easier to navigate. Since I already knew the campus, facilities and staff, I already had an existing network of contacts within the campus. Working here, I have a stronger sense of loyalty and commitment to LSST. This can translate into a desire to contribute to the success of LSST.

I always asked myself what I would have liked to know when I started LSST. What advice would have made my academic journey better I would journal down notes from time to time – here I share my top 15 student tips for growth and achievement at LSST:

My student tips

Remember, success is a journey, not a destination. By applying these tips consistently, you can develop good habits that will help you achieve your academic and personal goals at LSST:

1. Maintain organisation: To keep track of your assignments, deadlines, and calendars, use a planner or online resources.

2. Use your time wisely: Schedule specific study time, resist the impulse to put things off, and order your duties according to significance and urgency.

3. Establish effective study techniques: Establish a schedule that works for you, set up a setting that is conducive to learning, and maintain concentration and interest during your study sessions.

4. Be proactive: Take charge of your education, ask questions, seek assistance when necessary, and make use of the tools at your disposal, like tutoring services, online databases and libraries.

5. Maintain your motivation: By setting specific objectives, acknowledging your successes, and reminding yourself of the value of education and the advantages it might have for your life.

6. Take care of yourself: By getting adequate sleep, working out frequently, eating healthily, and taking breaks to rest your mind and body.

7. Maintain contact: Create a network of mentors, teachers and peers who can provide support, advice and criticism.

8. Master the art of effective time management: Meticulously plan your schedule, prioritise tasks, and allocate dedicated time for LSST studying assignments and project work. By efficiently managing your time, you can achieve optimal productivity and balance in your academic journey.

9. Actively engage in class discussions: Proactively participate in lively debates, pose insightful inquiries, and contribute to group projects. Active engagement within the classroom setting enhances your comprehension of business concepts and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

10. Cultivate a strong professional network: Seize networking opportunities within your course and industry-related events. Establishing a robust network of connections can unlock prospects for internships, employment opportunities, and valuable industry insights.

11. Seek hands-on experiences: Apply theoretical knowledge through internships, part-time employment, or volunteer work. Practical exposure allows you to gain first-hand insights into real-world business operations, bolstering your employability.

12. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving prowess: Business studies demand analytical thinking and adept problem-solving skills. Hone your critical thinking abilities by dissecting case studies, actively participating in group discussions and challenging conventional assumptions.

13. Enhance your communication finesse: Effective communication is paramount in the business realm. Elevate your written and verbal communication skills to effectively articulate your ideas, collaborate with others, and professionally present your work.

14. Foster collaborative learning: Engage in-group projects and study groups to harness the collective knowledge and wisdom of your peers. Collaborative learning facilitates diverse perspectives and cultivates essential teamwork skills.

15. Stay updated on industry trends: Keep abreast of the latest trends, news and developments in the business realm. Follow industry publications, attend seminars and join relevant professional associations to remain well informed and adept to the ever-evolving business landscape.

In conclusion, succeeding in your business studies requires a combination of organisation, time management, effective study techniques, proactive behaviour, motivation, self-care, networking, active engagement, practical experiences, critical thinking, communication finesse, collaborative learning, and staying updated on industry trends. By implementing these 15 key tips, you can enhance your academic journey, deepen your understanding of business concepts, and prepare yourself for the dynamic and competitive business world -and these will facilitate your growth and achievement.


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  1. As a fellow student, it gives me great joy to witness your achievement. Seeing a peer excel and reach such heights is truly inspiring, and fills me with a sense of pride.

    • Profession: Entrepreneur

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