The Business Exhibition where LSST Elephant and Castle lecturers learn from students

Article Date | 18 May, 2023
By Foteini Meleti, Career & Employability Officer, LSST Elephant and Castle, Article Date: 18 May 2023

A successful business exhibition occurred at LSST’s Elephant and Castle campus on 26th April. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to highlight their creativity and spirit, and the event gave students and lecturers a chance to connect with a diverse range of businesses and learn more about the novel products and services. In fact, it is where our lecturers learn from their students!

Benefits of holding a business exhibition at LSST

Business exhibitions provide several benefits for students. The show helped exhibitors to learn about the experience of other entrepreneurs and gain inspiration for their own businesses. The expedition allowed students to display their entrepreneurial talent and build a network of contacts. They validate their ideas and receive feedback from the audience including student peers, faculty members, industry professionals and potential customers.  In fact, many of the connections they made will help them in their entrepreneurial journey where they shared ideas and formulated opinions. By participating in such events, students can strengthen their entrepreneurial skills, build their professional network, and take their businesses to the next level.

Business shows provide students with the confidence to pursue their business and motivate them to do more.

Budding business entrepreneurs at LSST Elephant and Castle (image: LSST)

Joshua & Vasilena – BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation (Year 2) at E&C campus.


Joshua EM Sesay and Vasileva Pehlivanova have their own business and follow their dreams. There was an excellent article about them on LSST News (  Their business is a sole trader scheme at present and as friends and business students, they decided to collaborate and bring that collectiveness to collaborate in the fashion and clothing industry. The idea of the business came when they decided to focus on handmade clothing and accessories that would not be harmful to the environment – and dyed clothing is a market that is growing rapidly so they thought it best to be part of a standout art of creativity with a mixed patterns of colours. As for a small business with a small budget, they decided to invest in authentic Nike socks and create a look that is not common for everyone and most importantly sock lovers to bring a splash of colour to their everyday outfits. Their product is from Nike and they selected it as a start-up product because it is already a known brand to the public and it is known for its authenticity. As a way for their business to be recognized. Their products include gift boxes for birthdays, self-treat, and family, a crochet basket to bring order and organized little items in the house.

LSST Business students Vasilena Pehlivanova and Joshua Sesay are the founders of Not Your Regular Shop (Image: LSST)

Cassie Elizabeth Aesthetics –

BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation at E&C campus.

Cassie Stewart, who was also an exhibitor, has a passion for beauty and offers massage, facials, waxing and eye treatments. Cassie Elizabeth Aesthetics Limited was started 20th July 2021 with Cassie turning her living room into a salon, through challenging work and saving Cassie built a salon in her garden in Anerley (London) which launched in March 2023. Cassie shares her business story saying “With over 18 years’ experience within the Beauty industry I was first qualified as a NVQ level 3 Beauty Therapist in 2006. I have worked in many Award-winning salons and spas in London such as The Lemon Tree and ESPA at the Corinthia Hotel. I had the chance to be trained with specialist skincare brands such as Dermalogica, ESPA, Decleor, Elemis, and Matis to name a few. With a passion for skincare and cosmetics, I took my knowledge and skills to a new level in June 2021 and trained with the award-winning training academy Empire in Liverpool.” Cassie is now a fully qualified advanced Aesthetics Practitioner offering Advanced Botox, lip, and facial dermal fillers, skin boosters, fat dissolving injections, Russian lips, Hay-fever injections, and multivitamin injections.

Cassie offers LSST students a 15% discount (simply present your student ID)

To see Cassie’s Treatment menu or to book an appointment please visit this link

To see Cassie’s amazing work and offers follow her on social media





Norman Procurement- BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation (Year 2) at E&C campus.


Norman Procurement – is a solo company which covers categories of sourcing – IT / corporate / adult social care/software/facilities management which includes building construction and refits.


Enagic – Kady Bamonadio  – BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation (Year 2) at E&C campus.


Enagic has 48 years’ experience in the market. Its vision is to help people all around the world experience True Health with its product line and human-based marketing system. Their corporate philosophy is based on three basic principles: healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finance. Some benefits of adding Enagic in daily life are anti-ageing properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body), and colon-cleansing properties.

For more information, please see below

Iudit-Iulia Dezsi –  BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science with Foundation at E&C campus


Iudit’s brilliant idea came during the lockdown when she sought to make the most of her spare time and keep her mind engaged. With her youthful spirit, Iudit discovered a profound connection with the world of art—painting, drawing, and clay modelling. As a sensitive individual, she found solace and inspiration in these creative endeavours, as they provided a gateway to express her innermost thoughts and emotions. Art became her voice, allowing her to delve into the depths of her imagination and manifest it into tangible creations. This beautiful form of self-expression holds the power to unlock endless possibilities and capture the essence of her unique journey.

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