Furthr’s director, Andy Pemberton, inspires LSST students and staff on data visualisation and a ‘broken’ social media

Furthr’s director, Andy Pemberton, is a world-respected content expert with international experience working with organisations…

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Dr Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz

LSE speaks with LSST about its crowdsourcing project inspiring millennials to shape Brexit

Students and young people per se don’t vote – or so they thought pre-Corbyn and…

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Personal and Professional Development at LSST by Jonathan Green

After 8 years of assisting professionals from all different backgrounds on their career development journey,…

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Luton Mayor visits LSST’s Luton Campus

The Luton Mayor, Cllr Tahir Khan, visited LSST’s Luton Campus to assure students and staff…

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GfK expert discusses GB Inflation Watch with LSST students

Inflation and its ‘uncertainty’ are the topics of term for LSST’s business and management students….

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Brexit means Brexit – but what does it mean for students and private colleges?

Five months after the shock Brexit referendum result, it is still far from certain what…

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